Pandemic trends will lead to more ‘in-housing’ of influence marketing

By Steven Spieczny is Partner and COO of Inpulsus. Though it may be more valuable than ever, digital marketing hasn’t completely avoided the COVID-induced economic hangover. With significant restrictions on travel, entertainment and events, IAB UK data showed a 5% drop in digital ad spending during H1 2020. This marks the end of a decade […]

How to communicate the death of an employee

At some point in your Comms career, you may need to communicate the death of an employee. The purpose of this article is to help you think through your approach and point you towards resources. I hope you find it useful and don’t need to act on it. But if you’ve discovered this article because […]

5 Comms lessons from the pandemic

By Claire Simpson, Communications Consultant at Hard Numbers and Committee Member at CIPR Greater London Group. Communication has never been more important than during the pandemic, from establishing public trust to supporting business continuity. The question of what to do with this elevated stature formed the central premise of this year’s Annual Lecture from the […]

The Hidden Role Internal Communications Plays in Employee Experience

By James Scott, CEO, Thrive. As you’ve scrambled to respond to the pandemic at your organisation, have you given much thought as to what the employee experience has been? And whether or not it’s improved, remained the same, or actually worsened? COVID-19 has raised many concerns about our workplaces, from safety to technology to whether or […]

Want to monitor your employees? Guess what, you’re the problem!

By Gemma Storey. Someone’s PR team has been doing some good media relations work in the last few weeks. We’re seeing a lot of reporting about what tools and tactics some employers are using to monitor (or, you know, spy on) their shirking workforce. For example, there’s a tool called Sneek that takes pictures of employees […]

How to embrace the power of community to build your brand

By Darryl Sparey, MD and Co-founder of Hard Numbers. If 2020 has proven one thing, it’s that if you’re the leader of the free world, you probably aren’t wise to call the Coronavirus a ‘hoax’. But if it’s proved one other thing, it is the value of honest, direct communication with your customers, prospects and stakeholders; we all […]

It’s time to merge internal and external communications teams

By Bea Buckley. As professional communicators we all have to be agile; there’s nothing like a beautifully colour-coordinated plan being thrown out the window when a crisis or simply a change in direction comes along. But I believe it’s time for our agility to go further – we should be able to work in both […]

Get Internal Communications Heard in the Boardroom

Is the voice of your internal communications team heard right alongside the executives in strategic discussions? If not, it’s time to speak up. By James Scott, MD, Thrive. You know that internal communications serves a key function, and on some level, your executive team does, too. One study found that CEOs increasingly see communications as having […]

Firms to bolster internal comms efforts even as Covid-19 budget cuts bite

By Paul Williams, Head of Planning and Production, Speak Media. Comms leaders need to refocus their teams’ work on internal audiences to deal with the critical post-Covid challenge of keeping colleagues connected and engaged, even if they are located remotely or anxious about the future. A survey conducted by our team at Speak Media, in partnership with the PRCA, reveals […]

IC: The Secret Ingredient to a Thriving Post-COVID Business

By James Scott, CEO of Thrive. Internal communications (IC) teams haven’t always been given their due, but the events as of late have given them an opportunity to flex their muscles and demonstrate more than ever before their significance in the org chart. It’s not gone unnoticed by CEOs and other executives, who have been […]