Why You Need to Really Give a Damn About Your Employees Right Now

By Val Wright, author of Rapid Growth, Done Right. How did you find out your pay was going to be cut, your workplace was temporarily closing, or that you would be furloughed? It is not what happens but the way in which it happens that everyone remembers. Not every company has the endless cash reserves […]

Returning to work after lockdown: lessons from New Zealand

New Zealand is in the enviable position of being virtually Covid-free. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s policy of ‘go hard, go early’ has paid off and lockdown restrictions have been eased. The country is tiptoeing its way back to work. Businesses, offices and workplaces are, however, navigating the post-Covid landscape with the threat of the virus […]

Internal comms comes of age in a crisis

By Katy Gandon, Director of Communications at Tes Global. Internal communications has become an even more critical part of business here at Tes Global since the start of the coronavirus crisis. Leading the internal comms response to these demands has seen a dramatic change in my role. Before the crisis my role was split pretty […]

What does the Government’s new messaging mean?

My social media feeds are full of discussions today about the UK Government’s latest COVID-19 messaging. The original was: Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives. Design iterations aside, the messaging has remained constant throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to date. It has seeped into society so much that when recording a video message to […]

How to use video for your Internal Comms

Are you using video now more than ever before? I know that’s the case for many organisations as we live with COVID-19 and adjust our channels accordingly. In a recent survey from the Institute of Internal Communication (IoIC), 92% of Comms practitioners using video or conference call to communicate the impact of COVID-19, rated it […]

How to prepare your employees for the future

I left my house for the first time in three weeks today to get some groceries for my family. I sent a text to my mum-in-law shortly afterwards and wrote: “The world has certainly changed, but at the same time, it’s strangely familiar.” It looked like the road I know so well here in West […]

How to communicate with furloughed employees

Do you have furloughed employees in your workplace? I’ve been having conversations today with my clients and with IC practitioners via Twitter about this topic. I’ve written this article to point you towards advice and guidance and to discover what others are doing, including a brand new guide that was released today by CIPR Inside, […]

How to run a virtual Town Hall

Are you responsible for running Town Halls in your company? (You may know them as All Hands or All Employee events). Are you thinking about running them virtually rather than in person? If so, you’re in the right place to find out more. Following on from my article about using technology to communicate with your […]

The pathway to an award-winning working environment

By Tara O’Donnell, UK Managing Director at Hotwire, Having been awarded a place in the top 100 in The Sunday Times Best Small Companies to Work For last month, our efforts to create an outstanding working culture have finally been recognised. As we were awarded the highest level of accreditation, we are now focussed on […]

Workplace culture: The secret to belonging

Diversity makes good business sense, but it may not be enough to guarantee everyone will feel happy at work. So how do you build a culture that is welcoming for all? By Rosie Gailor, Having a diverse team means building from all corners: age, gender, socio-economic background, race, sexuality and neurodiversity. Being inclusive, however, means […]