PR: The Persuasion Game

By Ashley Carr, Founder and Managing Director of Neo PR. With most forms of marketing either in decline or at least going through a dramatic refocus, PR remains steadfast as the one-to-many communication method for businesses. Indeed, as a resurgence in the consumption of news – especially local news – and with an audience sat […]

B2b Influencer Marketing Summit 8th September

The first b2b Influencer marketing summit is being held online on the 8th September from 8.30am to 3.30pm and includes an impressive line up of speakers from the influencer and thought leadership community. The conference will hear from leading experts on how they have created brand partnerships that are not just one-offs but integrated thought […]

From Swipe-ups to Stickers: Instagram’s newest update

With Instagram announcing that it is ditching the ‘swipe-up’ link in Instagram stories in favour of clickable stickers, here’s what the change means for brands. By Shauna Madden, Head of Social & Paid Media at Ilk. Since August 30th, Instagram has been rolling out the retirement of the tried-and-tested swipe-up link and replacing it with […]

Think thought leadership is just for big businesses… think again

By Fiona Broomfield, Director at Allott and Associates. In all industries right now, businesses are really feeling the pressure to stand out from the crowd. What’s also apparent is that start-ups and SMEs can feel their B2B marketing efforts are being dwarfed by their bigger peers or competitors. Thought leadership is one area of B2B […]

The Love Island influencer world is a women’s game

By Hayley Coleby, Associate Director and Head of Social at The PHA Group. With only a week left of the current Love Island series, we’ve seen the drama unfold, along with all the memes on social media, and now we’re ready to see our winners. However, when the villa is a distant memory, who is going […]

How Google’s ‘messy middle’ research should inform your digital marketing strategy in 2021

Google’s specialist research team has coined a new phrase to describe the period between consumer awareness and purchase. This ‘messy middle’ impacts every one of your customer journeys, so how should your digital marketing adapt? By Alec Harden-Henry, Commercial Director, Influence Network. “The way people make decisions is messy — and it’s only getting messier.” Google’s […]

How do you continue to make an impact when the media is shrinking?

By André Labadie, MD, Business & Technology, Brands2Life. The media landscape has changed and continues to change fast in the UK through a combination of declining readership, the commercialisation of the relationship between brands and the media, and, crucially, the emergence of a number of ‘mega’ issues such as Brexit, climate change and, of course, […]

Whose responsibility is it to police social media?

By Aaron Brooks, co-Founder at Vamp. Social media can be a creative, empowering, supportive community that brings people together and encourages them to reach new heights. However, as with any social forum, there is also the potential for harm. After a narrow loss in the Euro 2020 final, England footballers faced a torrent of racist abuse […]

Reasons for PR to be cheerful, in three parts

In the Ian Dury and the Blockheads song, Reasons to be Cheerful pt 3, the late punk-poet monotonously spends the best part of five minutes doing just what the song suggests; listing reasons to be cheerful. If you look hard enough, you can find them. “The juice of a carrot. The smile of a parrot. […]