Capital, Carbon, and Comms

By Narda Shirley, co-founder, Wilful. Post COP26, what has changed for us as communications professionals? How does Article 6 – one of the summit’s main agreements – affect how we engage stakeholders in our action on climate change? Are we entering a new phase in which how we choose to offset the greenhouse gas emissions […]

Making A First Impression In Public Affairs

The initial contact with any stakeholder is critical and it can come in many different forms. However it happens, you need to prepare for making a good first impression. Otherwise, you risk failing to develop a trusted relationship with them. The opportunity to make a first impression can come from a chance meeting or something […]

COP26: Getting Closer to 1.5?

By Claire Barraclough, specialist in sustainability and corporate communications. Thank you Glasgow. COP26 in Glasgow has put climate at the absolute centre of the national and global consciousness and hard news. This is progress. The urgency to act on climate change is no longer debated. We have listened in more to those at the sharp end […]

What Can Sewage Teach Us?

The Government U-turn on the Environment Bill about what water companies’ responsibilities are when it comes to dealing with sewage provides some valuable lessons for public affairs. The Guardian, and others, have been writing regularly on the issue but to summarise briefly, an amendment tabled in the Lords to the Bill, demanding that water companies […]

Reflections On The Party Conferences

By Stuart Thomson, Head of Public Affairs at BDB Pitmans With the Labour and Conservative Party conferences having ended, it is worth reflecting on what they now mean and the value they have in public affairs.  There is no doubt that the conferences have changed.  This year we were able to return to in-person conferences […]

Party Conferences – The Essential Follow-Up

As party conference season winds up, it is important to take stock about what you have learnt and, critically, what you are going to do next. Activity at conferences is important but so is what you do next. I recently wrote about getting the most from the party conferences but thought it was worth thinking […]

Getting The Most From The Party Conferences

As many of us get ready to attend the party conferences, it is worth considering how best to achieve your public affairs goals during the time away. Labour and Conservatives have in-person conferences this year with the Lib Dems having been virtual and the SNP will be virtual later in the year. For many, the […]

A Reshuffle and Public Affairs: The Real Story

We can all get very excited about who is ‘in’ and who is ‘out’ during a reshuffle. But beyond the personalities involved, the real implications are for policy. Those in public affairs need to look behind the headlines and seek out the consequences. Anyone with even a passing interest in politics can find a reshuffle […]

Making Your Campaign Memorable

Half the battle when undertaking a public affairs campaign is ensuring that it is memorable. Without thinking about how best you can do that, your campaign will fail to deliver the influence you are seeking. We must appreciate that, at any one time, there is a lot of public affairs taking place. Much of which […]

What Charites Need To Learn From The Actions Of Extinction Rebellion (And Others)

The ongoing action by Extinction Rebellion in London highlights the critical decisions that organisations – corporates, charities, religious, and public sector – need to take regarding their reputations. It isn’t just about what the media (and, beyond them, the public) might think. They need to consider activist groups as well. Activist actions  Extinction Rebellion recently […]