Don’t Ignore The Speed Of Networks

There can often be a focus on simply expanding networks but such a numbers game misses the benefits of a good network – one of which is speed and in public affairs that can really help. The fundamentals of public affairs should always sit at the heart of any development and expansion of your network. […]

Being Heard: Making The Most Of Your Evidence

I spend my time helping organisations to get their points across to Government and really understand how Government works. Sometimes this is when comments are invited, other times we have to help fit the outcomes of the research to the Government’s agenda. I was pleased to speak on a panel at the Westminster Forum’s conference […]

Post Brexit Britain & public affairs

As the reality of Brexit really hits home, following the end of the transition period, what will the impacts be for those of us in public affairs? What does it mean for our immediate priorities? The reality, of course, is that it is the transition period that comes to an end shortly. According to some […]

Beware Changing Communications

As well as knowing what is happening in Parliament, good public affairs advice needs to draw on government communications. But these are changing and we need to be keeping track of how they are developing, and learn lessons. It has often been the case that some good media monitoring has kept us up-to-date with official […]

Free from accountability, HS2’s behaviour and comms keeps going off the rails

By Anthony Longden, specialist partner at crisis communications agency Alder. If you’re the PR team for a huge project, one which has attracted significant criticism from the moment it was put forward, your PR crisis response should be Rolls-Royce standard. But for High Speed 2 – Europe’s biggest rail project, no less – that has […]

A Government Announcement Is Only The Start Of The Hard Work

When any government announcement is made there can be a tendency to think that everything has been resolved. This is normally far from the case. Instead, it should be the time when the really hard work starts. Even those celebrating a government announcement should appreciate that there remains work to do. An official announcement may […]

Advisers Should Advise, Not Implement Policy

By James Knight. Political Advisors have been around for many a day, they have come to the forefront in recent years, with Alastair Campbell probably the most well-known until Dominic Cummings came along and stole the limelight. It’s my opinion that they do damage to our profession’s reputation, the perception of professional communicators everywhere. Unfortunately, […]

Be Ready For The Radical: What The Government Relaunch Really Means

Now that Dominic Cummings is spending more time driving to Barnard Castle, the PM has chosen to relaunch his Government. We can expect to see a series of policy announcements but how should public affairs react? Despite Johnson’s Covid-19 isolation we have already seen announcements including plans for a Green Industrial Revolution and huge increase […]

The power of broadcast in telling the vaccine story

By Rachel Royall, Director, Healthcare, Wellbeing and Life Sciences, Markettiers. Vaccines look set to dominate the news cycle into 2021 as all countries look for ways to get back on their feet after COVID‐19. What role can broadcast media play in supporting a successful adoption of this much‐needed response to a pandemic and the post‐pandemic […]

Trial By Select Committee

Preparing properly to appear in front of a Select Committee should not be controversial. The potential implications of getting it wrong can be enormous for individuals and organisations. But still we see examples of sessions being badly handled. How can we avoid these mistakes? The resignation of the Chairman of the Football Association, Greg Clarke, […]