CIPR Fellows Q&A: Alastair Ross

Earlier today the CIPR announced the names of six members who’ve been awarded Fellowships, the Institute most prestigious grade of membership. CIPR Fellowship is awarded by the Fellowship Nominations Committee (FNC) for outstanding contribution to the CIPR and the public relations industry. This Q&A series aims to shine the spotlight on the newly appointed CIPR […]

The Electoral Commission must investigate Tower Hamlets

The hugely delayed election results from Tower Hamlets became rather a running joke as Sunday evening stretched into Monday morning, with all sorts of jokes about how Tower Hamlets had just finished counting the AV referendum or was about to start on its 2015 general election count. But more substantively, some of the accounts emerging […]

Test Perceptions: Or Fail in Public Affairs

Some public affairs campaigns fail.  It is, however, the consideration given to why the campaigns fail that is one of the most valued techniques in public affairs.  Without this re-evaluation campaigns will continue to fail despite effort and resources. It may seem obvious to incorporate lessons learned, but too often the same approach to campaigning […]

First outing for QR codes on ballot papers

Years ago I tried to persuade colleagues in the Liberal Democrats about the virtues of having a web address in the party’s description and/or logo so that postal voters could easily look up more information before completing their ballot paper. That idea never got very far, though now another party is trying something similar: A […]

Why is social media training so vital for every PR professional?

Let’s look at the evidence. Survey after survey over the last 6 months points to a profession that is seeing an ever greater share of its roles and responsibilities devoted to social and digital media management. The CIPR’s recent State of the Profession report pointed to a continuing rise of converging responsibility for this area (60pc in […]

Get your voters out electronically

It’s not a surprise to say far more people use social media now than when I first learnt political campaigning because Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and the whole lot didn’t even exist back then. Nor even did (glory be, you might think) Internet Explorer. Back when a beta version of Netscape was cutting edge, the scope […]