Good news: sensible Parliamentary by-election timetables now in force

I’ve written a few times about the problems with the ever-shrinking Parliamentary by-elections timetable: The average length of Parliamentary by-election campaign has shrunk by four weeks since the 1970s, sharply narrowing the chance for the public to find out about the candidates presented to them and stifling openness in the candidate selection processes which frequently […]

I’m going to say it again: repetition matters in politics

Mike Smithson has tweeted a timely reminder about how little attention most people pay to big political news: Great info from @PopulusPolls on what people recall was in the budget — Mike Smithson (@MSmithsonPB) March 22, 2014 It’s a reminder of the old political campaigning adage: repetition matters. Being repetitive without being boring can […]

Polling booth selfies all the rage in the Netherlands

The Associated Press reports: Dutch citizens and politicians united on Wednesday in posting voting booth selfie photos, an increasingly popular phenomenon that could threaten the principle of the secret ballot but also encourages people to vote. Alexander Pechtold, who heads the centrist D66 party, was among the many Dutch voting in Wednesday’s local elections who […]

Conservative MEP warms to decriminalising soft drugs and calls for Royal Commission

Giles Chichester, Conservative MEP for South West England and Gibraltar, has written to one of his local papers to say: Criminal prosecution is not solving the [drugs] problem. I can see a potential benefit to health by making recreational drugs available on prescription… I can see a potential reduction in crime by cutting out the […]

Politics used to make nudity interesting

Indian model Meghna Patel has posed almost completely nude for some political adverts supporting Narendra Modi in the upcoming Indian elections. The official Modi campaign, despite the images going immediately viral, have quickly distanced themselves from the stunt saying that they “are not in support of such vulgar displays”. It seems Patel, the Indian equivalent of a […]

4 secrets of writing for online audiences

CIPR Conversation exclusive from Colin Kelly. Colin is a trainer on the CIPR’s Writing for Online Audiences and the best-selling Writing Better Press Releases and Selling-in your Stories workshops. Writing something that’s going to appear online requires a different approach and some different skills compared to something you’d write for a traditional print audience. For starters, online content […]

The Gender Gap in PR: what research tells us

In the week following International Women’s Day (Saturday 8 March 2014) we will be publishing exclusive CIPR Conversation contributions on the experiences and views from women relating to equal pay and gender balance in public relations. For further information on the CIPR’s commitment to tackling this issue, view our online news release and contribute your opinions […]

EBuzzing Top Lib Dem Blogs, March 2014: hello Matthew, Jonathan and Steve

Here are the Liberal Democrat entries in the top 100 political blogs as ranked by EBuzzing (Wikio as was). It’s farewell to Nick Thornsby this month, but hello (again)to Matthew Green, Jonathan Fryer and Steve Beasant. 1 (4) Liberal Democrat Voice No change 2 (19) Mark Pack Up 5 3 (25) Stephen Tall Up 1 […]