The Gender Gap in PR: what research tells us

In the week following International Women’s Day (Saturday 8 March 2014) we will be publishing exclusive CIPR Conversation contributions on the experiences and views from women relating to equal pay and gender balance in public relations. For further information on the CIPR’s commitment to tackling this issue, view our online news release and contribute your opinions […]

EBuzzing Top Lib Dem Blogs, March 2014: hello Matthew, Jonathan and Steve

Here are the Liberal Democrat entries in the top 100 political blogs as ranked by EBuzzing (Wikio as was). It’s farewell to Nick Thornsby this month, but hello (again)to Matthew Green, Jonathan Fryer and Steve Beasant. 1 (4) Liberal Democrat Voice No change 2 (19) Mark Pack Up 5 3 (25) Stephen Tall Up 1 […]

Measurement replaces digital as PR professionals’ greatest training need

PR Academy’s annual trends survey has revealed that 47% of its past and present students think measurement is the skill where they have the biggest gap. In separate research Professor Tom Watson at Bournemouth University discovered that 43% of companies are still using AVEs (Advertising Value Equivalents). Last year PR Academy’s survey showed that digital […]

The truth gap, diversity & PR

The latest State of the Profession survey results make for fascinating reading. It was encouraging to see that for the first time ever public relations professionals were asked about the business case for diversity.  The thinking behind this approach is that if we as a profession can accept the business case for diversity and inclusion […]

Stroud Green Road: 160 pothole repairs in just 4 years

Stroud Green Road has been, as regular readers will know, the home to some long-running pothole sagas over the years. Yet I’ve only blogged a very small proportion of the potholes that have occurred along the road, of which there have been an awful lot. Which made me wonder: just how many potholes have been […]

Scots Lobbying Bill unlikley to resemble “dog’s breakfast”, but questions remain

Last year the Scottish Government announced it would bring forward a Bill to regulate lobbying in Scotland.  The announcement came after it emerged that MPs had been caught on camera allegedly offering to take payment from undercover journalists posing as lobbyists. The Bill will be heavily influenced by the Scottish Parliament’s Standards Committee, which is […]

Why blogging still matters for public relations

This year I celebrated the tenth anniversary of my A PR Guy’s Musings blog. Some of the other early pioneers of blogging have recently written about whether blogs are still relevant. The first was a post by Tom Foremski, who left the Financial Times to become the first journalist to quit mainstream media to write […]