Finding calm in a global crisis

The world of work is not always local. Many organisations operate globally with head offices located in one country and satellite offices in others. Technology today means we are connected no matter what and since the beginning of the global pandemic, working anywhere (at home mainly) has been made possible because of the technology we […]

From CBE to Socially Mobile

Everyone can give back, even in the tiniest of ways. From being little, my Mum taught me that you don’t need to have much to help others.  In our house, that might have been giving someone a bed for the night or surrendering something to allow someone more in need to have it. It’s an […]

PR in schools would benefit education

By James Knight. Public Relations is a professional art, if applied correctly. We probably all have our views what correct, it’s up to you. To help the profession and young people, my suggestion is that PR is taught in schools, certainly in the later years of schooling at least, as it is a career with […]

Who needs a mentor anyway?

By Michele Canning Chart.PR FCIPR. It’s a perfectly valid question and the answer has to be: anyone who wants one and is willing to commit to their own professional development. The word ‘mentor’ means someone who teaches, gives help or advice. From the ancient Greek language, the name is derived from a character in Homer’s epic, Odyssey, named Mentor – […]

Change but not the same: Summer edition of Influence out now

The Summer 2021 edition of Influence is out now, featuring a very special cover designed by the winner of our ‘PR and Parenting in a Pandemic’ competition. Change management is an important part of the public relations skills set. That has certainly been put to the test over the past 12 months. All the changes we, as […]

Summer of sport: How Creators can influence the modern football audience

By Aimee Howells, Business Director at TAKUMI. Football is one of the nation’s most treasured sports – it’s fair to say that Euros 2020 has been a long time coming. The 2018 World Cup feels like a distant memory when the pubs and streets were filled with fans uniting over their love for the game […]

Mentoring can inspire you take the next step  

By Dirk Vennix. Why does a sector leader who is busy delivering change have time to be a mentor? I have because I am passionate and driven about self-improvement. If you’re unsure how mentoring might work my personal experiences may help you on your way.   When I was head of PR for a local council and edited its weekly newspaper, I asked the team’s PA to write an article on her own and it […]

Mentoring: What’s in it for the mentor? 

By Katie Marlow. Back in 1999 I graduated from Bournemouth University. With my hard-earned PR degree I headed off to get a job. I was so pleased with myself. My head of sixth form had written me off, quite brutally telling my Mum I’d amount to nothing. Those words burned. I’d really not enjoyed my school days. But I was always determined and loved learning, […]

Mentoring and me 

By Emma Leech. It’s odd talking about mentoring (which is all about supporting and helping others) and using ‘me’ in the subject line but mentoring is genuinely one of the most valuable things I do, both in the workplace and through CIPR’s amazing Progress Mentoring Scheme.  I’ve never had a formal mentor – it wasn’t really […]