What can we do when everything’s a struggle?

By Gemma Storey. And so, we’ve reached Blue Monday – designated the most depressing day of the year. It’s cold. It’s dark. It’s not Christmas anymore; basically, things suck. Everything feels like a struggle. But, for many of us, most of the past year has been one giant Blue Monday. I’ve noticed that when my mood […]

Measuring influencer marketing ROI in 2021

By Mary Keane-Dawson, Group CEO of TAKUMI. The meaning of ROI can vary depending on a brand’s campaign objectives, whether it’s driving brand awareness or generating sales and everything in between. But regardless of a brand’s ultimate goal, ensuring that the campaign provides good value for money is always crucial no matter what the activation is. […]

Exclusivity clauses: What are they and issues to consider before signing one

By Sinead O’Brien. An exclusivity clause is a restriction within a contract which prevents a party from entering into an arrangement with a third party. An example would be somebody selling their home giving exclusive rights of sale to one estate agent preventing the instruction of other estate agents to sell the same property. Another […]

So, you want to be a trusted advisor?

By Andy M Turner. In the Godfather films, mafia boss Michael Corleone’s trusted, right-hand man, or consigliere, is Tom Hagen. Hagen dies when a rival locks him in the boot of his car and pushes it into a Florida swamp. Corleone later receives a dead baby alligator with Tom Hagen’s wallet in its mouth, a […]

Don’t Ignore The Speed Of Networks

There can often be a focus on simply expanding networks but such a numbers game misses the benefits of a good network – one of which is speed and in public affairs that can really help. The fundamentals of public affairs should always sit at the heart of any development and expansion of your network. […]

12 Trends for 2021

By Julio Romo, public relations consultant and digital strategist. 2020 has been an eventful and unprecedented year. The COVID-19 global pandemic has disrupted everything. Yet, while the virus has challenged us, we have adapted, at pace. We’ve shown how nimble and resilient we can be. The digital transformations that our businesses and governments have been going through, […]

The Consequences of ‘Gagging’ Trump

By Mario Creatura. Late on Wednesday evening Facebook chose to ban President Trump from their platform and Instagram indefinitely, but at least for the duration of his presidency. Twitter temporarily froze his account, but then took the more drastic decision of banning him permanently on Friday. Given his words directly led to the violence on […]

Public Relations Ethics: The Real-World Guide

By Simon Goldsworthy and Trevor Morris, authors of Public Relations Ethics: The Real- World Guide.  ‘PR people are professional liars. And that’s what they’re paid for.’ So says a top PR insider with considerable international experience whom we interviewed for our new guide to PR ethics. Of course, they spoke to us on condition of […]

CIPR Insights Group takes a virtual trip to Dublin

The first event of the CIPR Behavioural Insights Group for 2021, at 10am GMT on Wednesday January 13th  offers a sneak preview of the new work from the Dublin Conversations being launched later this year. Featuring a new toolkit with over 30 tools being freely shared, along with an overview of four Green Papers, a […]