Getting Chartered restored my faith in my own professionalism

By Emma Duke. ‘Have you ever had your ethics challenged and how did you use the CIPR Code of Conduct to respond?’ The question hung in the air. My fellow assessees responded calmly and readily. And then it was my turn. I was ready. Ethics is one of the three core areas of Chartership assessment, […]

A tarnished reputation: Why the Oscars are no longer golden

By Andrew Marsden The handling of Will Smith’s outburst by The Academy, is a lesson for all organisations in brand value and living by brand values. Recently, we were treated to an unusually dramatic set of events at The Oscars, and it’s something I have been pondering long after the rest of the world has […]

How seriously should communicators take memes?

By Jack Shaw, for PR Academy. Despite the widespread use of memes over the last decade, corporate communicators remain polarised over whether they should employ them or not. They are either disregarded as unprofessional, meaningless or both, or they are in-demand, have the power to re-invent corporate brand, provide organisations with a human face and […]

The Government’s approach to foreign lobbyists suggests wider reform is needed

By Max Sugarman. Earlier this week, the Queen’s Speech saw a raft of legislation announced for the coming Parliamentary term, including proposals for a new National Security Bill. According to the Times, the new Bill could include “a foreign influence registration scheme, giving the Government the power to deport spies and lobbyists who fail to […]

Do we have to talk to the media in a crisis?

By Chris Tucker, PR Academy. Tony Jaques is a well-known academic and commentator on the subject of crisis communication.  I subscribe to his regular blog posts and always read them with interest.  His latest missive on the media during a crisis raised again the question we often face from a senior management team feeling the […]

How parasocial relationships play a role in professional personal branding

The term ‘parasocial relationship’ popped up twice in quick succession in my daily media consumption, and my interest was piqued. First, I heard the term used in a conversation on a podcast I had been listening to, and then I read about parasocial relationships in this article by Keith Reynold Jennings. I may not have known what was […]

Contacts for vanity, relationships for sanity

I’d like to ask you a relatively easy question. How many business contacts do you have? You can easily get an approximate figure by adding together your social network contacts, the contacts in your address book and email lists, etc. For most reading this, the number will be in the high hundreds. For many it will be […]

Getting Stakeholder Meetings Right

It is a basic requirement but one that is very easy to get wrong. What are the steps you should take for preparing and conducting a useful public affairs meeting? A successful starting point must be well before any meeting is even arranged. You need to know that you are speaking to the right person […]

10 Proven ways to get free publicity

Here are 10 proven motivators, which inspire people to spread the word about you, your product or service. Read these through a couple of times. Then see which ones you can adapt and apply into your business. People will share your message: 1 – If it’s baked into your product or service. When you see […]

How to keep a mental health conversation going

Mental Health Awareness Week is happening from Monday 9 May to Sunday 15 May 2022 in the UK. What can you do as an internal communicator to keep the conversation going? The Mental Health Foundation is the UK’s charity for everyone’s mental health. With prevention at the heart of what they do, the charity aims to find […]