Can Covid-19 provide opportunities to change stakeholder relationships for good?

By Paul Williams, Head of Production and Planning, Speak Media. When the coronavirus crisis hit the UK in March, businesses faced the immediate challenge of making sure that their content output was relevant to a strange and unsettling new landscape. Could there be lasting implications for how companies communicate with their stakeholders? In a recent […]

Who do you trust when the world burns?

By Emma Duke, Head of Communications, Oxford Education at Oxford University Press. I’m really not a fan of the American President. Still, I had a moment the other day when it became apparent how many people believed he had faked a case of the ‘rona. What does it say about a person, that in this time […]

What do the next ten years hold for Instagram?

By Mary Keane-Dawson, Group CEO of TAKUMI. Founded in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriege, Instagram has changed the world over the past ten years, transforming the social media space and creating hundreds of unforgettable cultural moments. From the world_record_egg to the selfie, Instagram has offered a platform for millions of creatives and is showing no signs […]

Want to monitor your employees? Guess what, you’re the problem!

By Gemma Storey. Someone’s PR team has been doing some good media relations work in the last few weeks. We’re seeing a lot of reporting about what tools and tactics some employers are using to monitor (or, you know, spy on) their shirking workforce. For example, there’s a tool called Sneek that takes pictures of employees […]

How to embrace the power of community to build your brand

By Darryl Sparey, MD and Co-founder of Hard Numbers. If 2020 has proven one thing, it’s that if you’re the leader of the free world, you probably aren’t wise to call the Coronavirus a ‘hoax’. But if it’s proved one other thing, it is the value of honest, direct communication with your customers, prospects and stakeholders; we all […]

What corporate communications experts can learn from the Trump Covid story

By Simon Brooke. If you had any doubt that messaging and communications around Covid is difficult, then just look at the confusion and chaos surrounding the condition of President Trump. I spend quite a bit of time in my media training courses working with PR professionals and inhouse communications teams to help develop, hone and test […]

Risks To Reputation Need To Be Considered Before Issues Arise

As more restrictions have been placed on five different Scottish locations, I want to reinforce the need for proper and robust risk assessments to your business. Risk assessments do include health and safety, yes, but we need to be looking at risks such as economic, financial, operational and reputation as well. In terms of operationally, […]

#BlackLivesMatter, Bristol, and the Media Storm

By Kate Vogelsang, CIPR North East committee member. Nearly 100 people joined CIPR’s Diversity and Inclusion Network, CIPR North East, and CIPR South West for a fascinating event on 6 October: ‘Bristol, #BlackLivesMatter and the media storm: personal perspectives from public sector comms and the media‘. Here are just some of the highlights from a […]

Beware of Classic Political Deflection Techniques

Whether it is stories of Government plans to send asylum seekers to an island in the South Atlantic or Trump’s claims of voter fraud during the Presidential debates, it is easy to become distracted by deflection techniques. Instead, take a breath before deciding if there is any impact on your campaign. Governments and politicians will […]

Hospitality PR is taking a kicking: how long for?

By James Knight. The PR hospitality world during this Covid virus has been hit very badly and is in a dreadful state. This I believe has affected the sole practitioner who has relied on a few accounts and does not have the protection of a larger agency. Companies have slashed their budgets and I am […]