Getting chartered: A guide for young PR professionals

By Claire Simpson, Communications Consultant at Hard Numbers. Back in April I became a Chartered PR professional. It was a huge confidence boost and validation of my work. But I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a huge relief too. I’d taken a leap of faith by going for chartership early in my career. […]

Happiness and wellbeing: you can have both, but they’re not the same thing

By Paul Hutchings, founder of fox&cat. We all want to be happy, right? But what if I told you striving for happiness won’t help? Instead, focus on wellbeing and you’ll be happier too. In this article we’ll talk you through what happiness and wellbeing are, why focussing on wellbeing is better, and how you can help […]

How to Manipulate PR: Does the Hotel California Exist?

By James Knight. Manipulating PR to your own ends is not new, however one example came to mind recently, how a little story becomes a million dollars through very clever PR. My story came back to me while watching Sky Arts’ The Eagles in Concert at The Forum at Inglewood, Los Angeles. They played for […]

Game, set and match

There is an unanswered question that exists: what do we want from or expect of our media? It has been much debated and discussed but with no universal agreement. The situation with Naomi Osaka, who has withdrawn from the French Open, raises many issues. In a statement she talks about suffering with depression and anxiety, […]

Online safety bill – a step in the right direction

By Yuval Ben-Itzhak, President at Socialbakers.  Announced as part of the Queen’s Speech, the UK government has outlined a draft legislation to improve internet safety, titled the Online Safety Bill. This bill is set to tackle harmful content online, including online trolling and misinformation. Under the proposals, big tech, social media firms and other digital […]

Virtual networking group set to keep comms pros connected

By Ollie Tunmore, Senior Account Executive at Spa Communications. At the point of writing this article, it has been 463 days since I attended my last physical industry event, 458 days since my last in-person client meeting and 443 days since my last trip into an actual office. I’ve been working the entire time, but […]

Prioritising Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

By Jo Twiselton, change, comms and wellbeing consultant. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, many organisations, teams and individuals faced significant mental health challenges, with enforced isolation and shifting work practices taking their toll. Many put employee mental health and wellbeing front and centre, using a range of approaches. It’s some of these organisations that the CIPR […]

Five Ways To Spot A Lobbying Campaign

Open a newspaper or scroll through social media and you can’t help but fall over a story, thread or post that is really aimed at lobbying the Government. But how can you tell? What are the tell-tale signs? And what could you learn from it? A Recent example The fall-out from the recent, short-lived European […]

Return to live events in a post-COVID world

By Nick Gold, MD of Speakers Corner. On 21st June all COVID-19 restrictions are supposedly coming to an end. This means businesses will be excitedly looking to welcome their teams back into the office and can start to look further afield to holding in-person events, conferences and meetings again. However, there is no precedent for how society […]

Ethics – The importance of context when communicating internationally

By Crispin Thorold. One of the most visited sights at United Nations Headquarters is a striking Norman Rockwell mosaic, which depicts the humanity, internationalism, and ethical foundations of the organisation. The piece is both a celebration of the diversity of humankind and a call for us all to abide by the ‘Golden Rule’ which runs […]