1-in-4 consumers turn to influencers for news before journalists

One-in-four consumers are more likely to source news updates and opinions from influencers than from journalists and established news outlets says TAKUMI survey. One-in-four consumers are more likely to source news updates and opinions from influencers than from journalists and established news outlets according to a new survey. For younger consumers, the ratio is one-in-three […]

Peak Public Affairs? No, There Is Much More To Come

With Government announcements on Covid continuing to come thick and fast, the need for political engagement has never been more important. But the idea that we have reached peak public affairs is wrong. There will be even more need for good political engagement advice in future. Writing in PR Week, Editor-in-chief Danny Rogers, suggested that […]

PA professionals need new tools for the interventionist era

By Elliot Robinson, CEO, PolicyMogul. Some days, it’s nice to think back nostalgically to the time when the biggest difference between the major political parties in the UK was whether free school meals should be means tested or not. Unfortunately — or fortunately if you harbour a deep love of politics or work directly in […]

Why am I rebranding?

By Doug Main, creative director at digital marketing agency The Bigger Boat. Whether sales have slipped, workforces and customers have outgrown your existing brand, or leaders have had to pivot their propositions to remain relevant, exploring a rebrand is by no means an overnight process – or a quick-fix that doesn’t address underlying issues. Several […]

Political Parties Change: Your Public Affairs Thinking Needs To Change

‘Traditional’ views of political parties rarely reflect the reality of the time. The parties keep changing so you need to update your thinking otherwise it will be difficult to engage with them. Understanding is critical in public affairs. It can sometimes be difficult not to think in a caricatured way about what a political party […]

A Manifesto for the Future Development of Public Relations Practice

By Jon White and Shayoni Lynn, from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations’ Behavioural Insights Interest Group and Panel. Looking past the COVID 19 restrictions, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations Behavioural Insights Interest Group and Panel can now begin to move forward to address the interests of members of the Group and provide support […]

What 20 years of agency life has taught me

By Sharon Brigden, owner/director, SLBPR. PR has seen more trends than the back catalogues of Vogue. If one thing is constant in communications, it is the propensity for change. So how does one navigate such chaos and enjoy longevity in the industry? This year marks 20 years of agency life and here are a few […]

Do you really know who you’re talking to? Why inclusivity matters

By Lucy Beldon, planning and inclusivity lead at CDS. Communications and information clarity – or lack of – have been firmly under the microscope in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic. News in all its forms – from updates by the WHO, to local lockdowns and restrictions – have been drafted, shared, and evaluated more than […]

Office space options for PR in a post-pandemic world 

By Chris Barkley, senior associate, Goodman Derrick LLP. During the recent pandemic, workforces have had no option but to become fully operational outside of an office environment. While there are some obvious benefits to meeting with co-workers regularly, inevitably the high costs of city rents on long term office spaces has been brought sharply into […]

Recycling Rates Soared During Lockdown – How Do We Keep This Going?

By Dominic Ridley-Moy, Behaviour Change Network. Over the last few weeks and months, we have seen an unprecedented level of behaviour change across many different areas of life. Saving went up, cycling increased massively and it’s estimated that around one million people gave up smoking during lockdown. On the flip side, many found it difficult […]