Blogging for beginners

Caroline O’Doherty wants to blog. She contacted me asking for advice on sources of information to help her kickstart her efforts. Caroline is a campaign manager based in the north east of England. She is currently working in the charity sector but also works on projects as a freelance marketing manager. There are many excellent resources but […]

Graduating thoughts

Due to finish my degree in Public Relations at the end of this term has recently got me thinking about the daunting task ahead of me of finding a job within the industry. As a student that didn’t do a placement year, this has undoubtedly at times made me even more worried about my strengths […]

CIPR International – our first 100 days

Eva Maclaine by Eva Maclaine, CIPR International Chair, CIPR Fellow, an elected member of Council (the CIPR’s governing body) and a 2014 Board Member On Friday 25 April we are running our first webinar with 2014 CIPR President Stephen Waddington, called “My First 100 Days”. So we thought it might be a good time for […]

Public Relations as a Rainforest

In writing about T-shaped career decisions for public relations practitioners at PR Conversations, a comment by Natalie Bovair suggested a tree trunk for the vertical stroke that grows thicker and deeper, but needs (along with its main branches – the horizontal stroke) to bend to the winds. This is a useful metaphor, which can be […]

Imagine what the Bank of England could have done with its QR code ad

A quarter-page ad by the Bank of England in yesterday’s Telegraph caught my eye primarily because it contained a QR code. The print ad informs you that the £50 note featuring an engraved portrait of Sir John Houblon on the reverse side will be withdrawn from circulation at the end of April. The ad also […]

How social media is being used to map the conflict in Syria

Fascinating: The Syria Conflict Mapping Project is an initiative launched by the [Carter] Center to examine the massive amounts of citizen-generated information related to the Syrian conflict that is available online. Posts on social media, among other things, help to details the growth of opposition armed groups in each governorate within Syria; show the current […]

Hacking workflow with Google Docs

Google has a suite of web-based applications for office tasks such a finance and writing. The so-called Google Drive apps are stripped down to the most common functions that you need from a spreadsheet or word processor. The presentation app is a bit basic but I’d wholeheartedly recommend all the others, in particular a forms […]

Enterprise social networks and assimilation – resistance is futile

Enterprise social networking is perfectly suited for the so-called onboarding process. I say so-called because no dictionary I have lists the word, which is sort of at odds with the fact that they do list the rather unlovely deplane. But I digress. I heard this same claim from Jive, SAP (Jam) and IBM (Connections) at […]

ELECT SOCIAL: your handy cut-and-paste social media purdah guidelines

There’s this funny period in the run-up to an election which sees local government comms team change behaviour. Gone are the press releases from politicians and in comes quotes from officers. Why? To ensure that the council cannot be accused of political bias in the run up to polling day. It’s been around for decades […]