Facebook’s New Look and 3 Social Layout Tips

This is a guest post by Rob Sutter. Just recently, Facebook rolled out its newest layout; something that I am sure most social media enthusiasts have grown accustomed to. After all, it seems like every other week there’s something different on a particular site where there’s a massive audience, so news like this isn’t totally surprising. […]

Alastair Campbell: PR is about the public, not the media

It was a great night when Alastair Campbell, who is best known for his role as former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s director of communications and strategy, came to speak at our recent course awards. For someone perhaps better know as a master of spin – in fact he started his speech by apologising for […]

What’s the shelf life of the PR selfie?

Is it a trend, a craze or a band-wagon? Regardless, does the selfie as a PR tactic have a limited shelf life like charity wristbands, naked calendars and any similar idea that works the first couple of times and then becomes increasingly irritating? The problem becomes how the first few examples are touted around as […]

I’m going to say it again: repetition matters in politics

Mike Smithson has tweeted a timely reminder about how little attention most people pay to big political news: Great info from @PopulusPolls on what people recall was in the budget pic.twitter.com/MHD11Jq7xq — Mike Smithson (@MSmithsonPB) March 22, 2014 It’s a reminder of the old political campaigning adage: repetition matters. Being repetitive without being boring can […]

Polling booth selfies all the rage in the Netherlands

The Associated Press reports: Dutch citizens and politicians united on Wednesday in posting voting booth selfie photos, an increasingly popular phenomenon that could threaten the principle of the secret ballot but also encourages people to vote. Alexander Pechtold, who heads the centrist D66 party, was among the many Dutch voting in Wednesday’s local elections who […]

What can brands learn from the #nomakeupselfie campaign?

You may have noticed the sudden glut of people posting glowing, natural beauty type selfies to their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Okay, so you will have noticed this because it has been such a success that it’s now all over the news. The #nomakeupselfie campaign is one of those rare beasts that started with […]

How to get line managers to love the manager toolkit

There’s a common exclamation we often hear from our fellow internal communicators whenever the subject of line manager communication rears its head; “I’ve crafted this beautiful manager toolkit with great content to help my leaders communicate our latest change programme to staff – but none of them ever use it!” It’s a bit like that […]

Twitter eight years on

Today marks the eighth anniversary of Twitter, the communication platform that is globally ubiquitous today, the eleventh most-visited website in the world. From co-founder Jack Dorsey‘s first tweet on this day, March 21, in 2006, the number of active users of the service now exceed 240 million per month worldwide who tweet in more than […]

Making healthcare personal

Recently, I wrote a post about Dr. Kate Burke, an emergency physician who uses video in her practice, shooting clips for patients at the end of an emergency room visit explaining the treatment and what to do upon getting home. That post about the great work Kate is doing to educate patients and their families […]

Happy birthday Twitter. Why do we tweet?

Twitter is eight tomorrow. Its my favourite form of social media because it is, ad products aside, truly democratic and social. In the last week or so I asked my network to share favourite moments from Twitter in recent years, and reasons for tweeting. I should have known that the response would be enthusiastic and […]