Back to School?

The results of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) State of the Profession Survey for 2013/2014 revealed some interesting results. Of course there was a lot about salaries and redundancies, as well as the issues of concern to both members and non-members. One element stood out for me and that was the result that […]


If writing seems hard, it’s because it is hard. It’s one of the hardest things people do. William Zinsser Have a productive writing day! Read Original Post

Smartphones preferred device for news among affluent consumers says BBC

The results of a new survey for BBC World News shows a surge in smartphone use for consuming news among affluent consumers compared to the general population. The BBC defines “affluent consumers” as the highest 20 percent income earners in each country surveyed. What the BBC describes as the world’s first study into the use […]

Marketing the Moon – announcing my new book!

Geek alert(!!) My newest book, Marketing the Moon: The Selling of the Apollo Lunar Program, will release from MIT Press this month. I am mega excited. Here is the Amazon USA listing for the book and here is the Marketing the Moon book companion site. This project is a total departure from my social media […]

Renault pushes envelopes with the Kwid

Since the 1950s, concept cars have been ways that car manufacturers have showcased their ideas, talents and creativity about a new model of car, new styling and new technology. They’re typically shown with great fanfare at motor shows to gauge media and public reaction to new or radical designs that may or may not make […]

Broadcasting the wow factor

TV chat shows can be great platforms to introduce a new product, create interest in going to the cinema and see a hot movie, or any manner of things celebrity guests talk about and likely to attract a big audience. In today’s sharing society, you also want to extend the reach of a topic and […]

The Chartered PR Practitioner Q&A: Jon Clements on the reputation business

One of my commitments as CIPR President was to promote the value of learning and development as a foundation for professionalism. Throughout the year I’m going to blog interviews with practitioners that have achieved Chartered PR Practitioner status to understand their motivation and perspective on the profession. The Chartered Practitioner qualification is pitched by the CIPR as […]


Customer-centricity is an organizational point of view, not a customer point of view. It’s actually the organization-centric-view-of-the-customer. … Don’t you want CRM to help you and the customer mutually, allowing you both to manage the relationship? Surely the value of your understanding how influence goes around comes around is enhanced when those you interact with […]

Experience at the heart of Government Comms

Most organisations would jump at the chance of  having a team member ‘on the inside’ at the heart of government.  To be able to place an employee in the Cabinet Office Comms team for 2-4 months would be a terrific opportunity for an employee and their employer.  Well this opportunity is just what the UK […]