Digital engagement – how to break it down step by step

    If you’re one of the businesses still to take a leap into digital, it may feel frightening but it needn’t be – there are methods that can be used to break the process down into bite-sized chunks. Taking things step by step ensures you can be confident the approach is right and minimises […]

Scots Lobbying Bill unlikley to resemble “dog’s breakfast”, but questions remain

Last year the Scottish Government announced it would bring forward a Bill to regulate lobbying in Scotland.  The announcement came after it emerged that MPs had been caught on camera allegedly offering to take payment from undercover journalists posing as lobbyists. The Bill will be heavily influenced by the Scottish Parliament’s Standards Committee, which is […]

How to meet the challenge of the brand storytelling opportunity

If “content marketing” and “brand journalism” are among the phrases you’ve been yawning at recently, a new report from Mynewsdesk is worth reading and may make you decide to give your closer attention to those two phrases. Written by journalist and consultant Jon Bernstein, The Rise of The Brand Newsroom offers some useful insights on […]

The 10 best corporate Vine and Instagram videos for PR

It’s just over a year since Twitter launched Vine, its six second video social network. Facebook-owned Instagram launched its 15 second video app in June. To update my online PR training course material I’ve been researching the best examples of corporate Vine and Instagram videos for reputation management, CSR, investor relations, crisis communications, stakeholder relations […]

My mobile phone knows more about me than my family

Grab your mobile phone or tablet. I want you to dig under the bonnet and have a look at what data your device is recording about your daily activities. If you have an iPhone or iPad select Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Frequent Locations. If you have an Android device […]

Chartered PR Practitioner Q&A: David Alexander on PR vs management consultancy

One of my commitments as CIPR President was to promote the value of learning and development as a foundation for professionalism. Throughout the year I’m going to blog interviews with practitioners that have achieved Chartered PR Practitioner status to understand their motivation and perspective on the profession. The Chartered Practitioner qualification is pitched by the […]

CPD – separating the wheat from the chaff and protecting UK business

This week’s Council meeting at the CIPR involved a debate about continuing professional development (CPD) and the role this should play in a PR practitioner’s life. CPD is currently something that the Institute expects of its members through a designated scheme and although it is not yet mandatory, I am one of many lobbying to change […]

Don’t just think outside the box, spin it around

Propology’s Cherylle Millard-Dawe It’s not often that we do a real unashamed plug for the business but when you get a testimonial like this, it would be wrong not to share it. Propology is a brand that we’ve been working on with Twentyseven Design and it’s a piece of work of which we are really proud. […]