The evolution of social media

Yesterday my friend Chris Norton, managing director of Prohibition PR, published this fantastic infographic charting the evolution of social media. Chris was also a fellow co-author of Share This Too. Courtesy of: Prohibition Read Original Post

@UnemployedPRMan on search for a new job

Press officer Peter O’Connor has taken to Twitter as @unemployedPRman in his search for a new job. Here he tells his story. By Peter O’Connor How hard can it be to get a job? How hard can it be to get a job in PR? How hard can it be to get a job in PR […]

Views my own: Do you need a Twitter disclaimer?

One of the first questions attendees on social media training courses ask is, “do I need a Twitter disclaimer?” Social media guidelines across the world are littered with encouragement to add an “all views are my own”, “opinions are not those of my employer” or similar (maybe wittier) Twitter disclaimer, but are they necessary? For […]

Loving or loathing LinkedIn

I’m in two minds about LinkedIn both personally and professionally. In some ways it is the most irritating of social media networks, but also it can be highly useful. I tend to feel LinkedIn (the topic of my second January post reflecting on Social Media) doesn’t really know what it is any more and is […]

What I learned about PR and blogging in 2013

Before 2014 kicks into gear and accelerates away, I thought I’d take a look in the rearview mirror at 2013 and present six things that I learned last year about PR and blogging. Blogging isn’t dead As Stuart Bruce writes, blogging still matters for public relations. In the 12 Days before Christmas, I decided to […]

New Year’s Resolutions for 2014

My ten New Year’s resolutions for 2014 are: Be a better husband, father, brother and son. Spend more real life time with friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Not to let the b*****ds grind me down and remember it’s better to be nice and generous than be selfish and make enemies. Continue to campaign and work for […]

Discover The PR challenges of 2014

Today is a new year and fresh challenges await us in 2014. To mark the start of this year, The CIPR has produced a 30 page ebook  looking biggest trends and issues affecting public relations across eleven sectors and twelve of the UK’s regions and nations.  The importance of the NHS as a barometer for […]

Why blogging still matters for public relations

This year I celebrated the tenth anniversary of my A PR Guy’s Musings blog. Some of the other early pioneers of blogging have recently written about whether blogs are still relevant. The first was a post by Tom Foremski, who left the Financial Times to become the first journalist to quit mainstream media to write […]

Top ten blog posts of 2013

People (well colleagues at Claremont) have accused me of only blogging when I’m angry. But, it appears, I’m just giving the public what they want. Behold my top ten most read blog posts of 2013: 1) British Gas are a bunch of numpties Anyone who can make a company share price crash through social media […]

FOR UNDER 24s: Create Content Without Boundaries

Sometimes you stumble on something that catches your imagination and fills in some of the blanks. That happened listening to Millie Riley a broadcast assistant who was talking on BBC Radio 5’s Review of 2013. She was talking about how under 24-year-olds consume their radio and how their radio is online, face-to-face, shared… and on […]