Leaders leading leaders: objectivity and respecting the micro-leader

By Paul Hutchings, founder of fox&cat. Passionate leaders go far. But clip their wings, fail to recognise their skills or respect their passions, and you’re set for uproar. Especially with Gen Z now established in the workforce. In this article we’ll look at: Where leadership in comms is today How it’s evolving What you as a […]

Speed-dating for PRs and journos. What could possibly go wrong?

By Lee Simpson, account director at Fourth Day PR. I’ve never been comfortable with the ancient grudge that exists between PRs and journos. As much as I enjoy reading relentless PR bashing on Twitter (and even recently on the opening page of Sathnam Sanghera’s Empireland, bemoaning the 90,000 unread emails in his inbox from PRs) […]

How To Prepare For Engagement With Policy Makers

I was recently set the challenge of describing how best organisations can prepare for engagement with policy makers, especially politicians, to ensure that it is effective. My comments were made in a discussion about ‘When Business Meets Politics’ for the British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic that I took part in with Václav […]

Why we’re bucking the trend and investing in innovation

By Mark Gair, Managing Director, CDS. There’s no getting away from the fact that the past year has forced decision-makers to embrace the opportunity to tackle things in a way they might never have done previously. While we all had to dig deep in the ‘resilience reserves’, there were many who innovated on a scale […]

Being an agency’s first intern

By Toluwani Omotoye. It is well known that the job market for current and soon-to-be graduates is incredibly tough, this has been made no easier by the current pandemic. I am a final-year student at the University of Birmingham, studying International Relations. When I entered final year, my first thought was “How am I going […]

Emerging tech and its impact on businesses and PR teams

By Gemma Storey. I thought it would be interesting to look back at Deloitte’s 2021 tech trends report and see how some of the nine trends it identified could affect businesses and how these changes will impact the PR work we do. Trend 1: Organisations will be using tech to transform their business strategy Deloitte predicted that more […]

Oh no… not more training?

By Paul Hutchings, founder of fox&cat. ‘Oh no… not more training?’ A reaction you feel when you ‘just want to get on with the job’? Sometimes training in a specific niche can help you learn to do a particular task or job extremely well. But what if you work in a fast-evolving environment like comms […]

We Need Positive PR to Support Flying Again

By James Knight. No wonder people want to get away, what with this depressing weather and more than 15 months of Covid. I am used to getting vaccines to travel from Mexico to Africa, it was second nature. We are going to be forced into vaccine travel whether we want it or not and many […]

Lobbying: Do Audiences Really Understand What We Do?

A series of scandals have recently impacted on public affairs. Despite those involved being David Cameron and Boris Johnson, they have been labelled as ‘lobbying’ scandals. This potentially damages us all. We have to appreciate that if the reputation of the profession is damaged then it has a direct impact on all of us. The […]

What Comms pros need to know about ESG

Environmental Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) is one of the most radical developments in business within the last 50 years. It’s likely to shape the way both organisations and the communications sector evolve and operate for years to come. But what is ESG? How is it different from CSR? (Corporate Social Responsibility). And how is […]