7 reasons why hybrid events are taking the lead

By Kate Healy, founder of Virtually Together. During the pandemic virtual events have given everyone a chance to socialise with loved ones during difficult times. It has also helped work events continue in a new dynamic, with many employees favouring the virtual experience over in-person events. But now, in a post ‘Freedom Day’ world, there is […]

Getting to grips with AI black boxes

Technology circles are awash with talk about AI risks, ethics, responsibility, and trust. Principles and frameworks abound. But these are proving awkward in practice, partly because the purpose, nature and inner workings of AI and algorithmic systems can easily be shielded from view. As a result, users, auditors, regulators, legislators, and others often have little […]

Plastic Vaxxer: Barbie’s STEM campaign success

By Sean Hamilton, Associate Director at The PHA Group. It’s been a plastic fantastic week for Barbie as the iconic doll scored another huge PR victory on Thursday, driving the brand forward with a massively successful campaign, celebrating women working in STEM. Mattel presented six leading female scientists around the world with their own replica […]

Communicators (and everyone else) need to embrace uncertainty

Who likes to be confused? Who loves to act when so much is uncertain, or unknown? And to quote the infamous Donald Rumsfeld, what do you do when there are so many known unknowns? Not me. But I’m ok with uncertainty. Maybe it’s because of the region I’m in (try getting details on how to […]

Launch of the Hundred Cricket – What a hit for Six!

By James Knight. With the European Championships and now the Olympics, this summer has been a great winner for sports fans. Being lover of cricket, The Hundred has most certainly been a welcome addition. The Hundred is a professional franchise 100-ball cricket tournament involving eight men’s and women’s teams. Located in major cities across England and Wales, in a […]

Political Language: The Careful Choice Of Words

There can seem to be occasions when politicians are not thinking carefully about what they say or tweet. That may be true for some but is rarely the case when it comes to Ministers or Prime Ministers. They carefully chose what to say and how to say it. That comes with implications for Public Affairs. […]

Avoiding groupthink

By Gemma Storey. Groupthink is a term devised by psychologist Irving Janis. He defined groupthink as: “a mode of thinking that people engage in when they are deeply involved in a cohesive in-group, when the members’ strivings for unanimity override their motivation to realistically appraise alternative courses of action”. Why does groupthink matter? Because it can […]

How do you continue to make an impact when the media is shrinking?

By André Labadie, MD, Business & Technology, Brands2Life. The media landscape has changed and continues to change fast in the UK through a combination of declining readership, the commercialisation of the relationship between brands and the media, and, crucially, the emergence of a number of ‘mega’ issues such as Brexit, climate change and, of course, […]

Pandemic proves transparency not enough to close gender pay gap

By Sarah Leembruggen, MD, The Works Search. It’s no surprise that the pandemic has had a knock-on effect on salaries and bonuses for corporate communications professionals.  We expected it after seeing redundancies, professionals on furlough, hiring freezes and agency’s budgets being cut.  However, what I didn’t foresee is how much women have been affected financially […]

Whose responsibility is it to police social media?

By Aaron Brooks, co-Founder at Vamp. Social media can be a creative, empowering, supportive community that brings people together and encourages them to reach new heights. However, as with any social forum, there is also the potential for harm. After a narrow loss in the Euro 2020 final, England footballers faced a torrent of racist abuse […]