Doubling Down on the EU

As the nature of the relationship between the UK and the EU changes, it’s never been more important to understand the ‘how and why’ of lobbying in Brussels. In July, Milos Labovic, author of EU Superlobby: Winning in Brussels, joined the CIPR’s Public Affairs Group in an online conversation to explore what this new relationship […]

Delivering comms during Covid-19

By Tom Hindle, Lead Publisher, Bottle. There are certain challenges that, as an account manager in a digital PR agency, you expect to face. One that I did not expect though, was Covid-19. It was a set of circumstances that no-one could have predicted; a news agenda suddenly dominated by the pandemic, clients and journalists […]

Fourteen signs that you are a political obsessive

Many of those involved in public affairs are often thought of as being political geeks or nerds. Not that I think there is anything wrong with that but what are the signs that you really are a political obsessive? Of course, not everyone involved in public affairs falls into this category and some will actually […]

Corporates and the (newfound) spirit of partnership

By Alberto Lopez Valenzuela, Founder and CEO, alva. In early April – if you can cast your mind back to what may feel like decades ago – Emily Maitlis delivered a powerful opening monologue on BBC’s Newsnight, comprehensively debunking the lazy suggestion that Coronavirus had been a ‘great leveller’. As she highlighted, the idea that […]

What does TikTok’s potential ban mean for the future of social media?

By Mary Keane-Dawson, Group CEO of TAKUMI. Last week, President Trump threatened to ban TikTok by mid-September, unless ownership of its US operations is transferred to an American business. Unsurprisingly, this announcement was condemned by the Chinese Communist Party, whose foreign ministry accused the US of using national security as a cover to exert hegemony over social media. […]

Get Internal Communications Heard in the Boardroom

Is the voice of your internal communications team heard right alongside the executives in strategic discussions? If not, it’s time to speak up. By James Scott, MD, Thrive. You know that internal communications serves a key function, and on some level, your executive team does, too. One study found that CEOs increasingly see communications as having […]

Influencers and saving the high street

Brands and agencies are only scratching the surface when it comes to how to deploy influencers to help the ailing High Street. By Alec Harden-Henry, Commercial Director, Influence Network. It’s a photo of someone in a shop, wearing a mask, clutching a bright pink bag, surrounded by shoes. You can take your pick of the tried […]

Adding some stardust to online school assemblies

Katy Gandon, Director of Communications at Tes Global, explains how an innovative partnership with Oak National Academy helped to make star-studded online school assemblies a reality during lockdown. Looking back at your schooldays, do you remember the time when a senior member of the Royal family, the Prime Minister and an astronaut spoke at assembly? […]

What Has Covid-19 Done For Public Affairs?

Covid-19 has meant a change in the relationship between government and large parts of the economy.  Many organisations who barely looked twice at their political engagement suddenly became aware of its importance.  The challenge is to keep that engagement going. It could be argued that Covid-19 has done more to raise the profile of public […]

Text for Humanity: Why B2B campaigns must have purpose at their core

By Satyen Dayal, Executive Director, Technology, Edelman London. I often look to Hollywood to see how studio creatives are interpreting the future potential of technology. One film that always captures my imagination is Chris Nolan’s Interstellar. In the opening scenes we see the lead, an astronaut turned farmer, capture a decommissioned surveillance drone. His plan? “give […]