Influencers And Their Impact on Public Affairs

Moving a bottle of soft drink may not seem like a big deal but when Christiano Ronaldo is involved then the world takes note. And that includes politicians. When Ronaldo moved bottles of Coca Cola, one of the main sponsors of Euro 2020, from view at a press conference, social media went into overdrive. Graphs […]

Public Relations Plays a Key Role in CPR Awareness

By James Knight. Despite some great matches, one event on the pitch has overshadowed the others at Euro 2020 – Denmark’s Christian Eriksen collapsing during their opening game with Finland. Great work from the emergency team on hand saved his life, and the from the players, who formed a protective screen around him. It was […]

Is fast food the next sports sponsorship category to be banned?

By Ben Peppi, Head of Sports Services, JMW Solicitors. ‘Beber água!’ Tuesday night saw Cristiano Ronaldo do his talking both on and off the pitch in a week which has raised two very pertinent topics within the sports sponsorship landscape. The power of sports stars as influencers and what this may mean for the future of […]

Town Centres Need More Positive PR

By James Knight. Has poor PR in town centre contributed to the so-called demise of the High Street? The rot was setting in long before Covid, in many instances, a number of retailers sat back on their counters believing they were King Canute, that the water would never rise over them. Well, the tide has […]

Banish the talk of reputation

The report into the death of Daniel Morgan published today (Tuesday 15 June 2021) is about more than the Metropolitan Police and what they did or didn’t do in relation to the investigation. It is about how organisations and businesses must banish the focus on reputation management when they are responding to crises, issues and […]

Changing Stakeholder Communications?

The recent European Communication Monitor 2021 Survey showed the importance of digitalising stakeholder communications. But what does the post-pandemic world offer? The Survey brings together data from 2,600 communications professionals across 46 countries and is now its 15th year. There is a good summary of the whole report on Stephen Waddington’s, Wadds Inc, blog. As […]

Instagram Affiliate: finally putting the creator first?

By Ed East. Streaming virtually from Facebook and Instagram’s first-ever Creator Week, Mark Zuckerberg proudly announced last week that the platforms will be rolling out new monetisation functionalities to further allow creators to earn commission from purchases driven by their influence. In an unprecedented move for the social media giant, one of these features is […]

Finding calm in a global crisis

The world of work is not always local. Many organisations operate globally with head offices located in one country and satellite offices in others. Technology today means we are connected no matter what and since the beginning of the global pandemic, working anywhere (at home mainly) has been made possible because of the technology we […]