Measuring influencer marketing ROI in 2021

By Mary Keane-Dawson, Group CEO of TAKUMI. The meaning of ROI can vary depending on a brand’s campaign objectives, whether it’s driving brand awareness or generating sales and everything in between. But regardless of a brand’s ultimate goal, ensuring that the campaign provides good value for money is always crucial no matter what the activation is. […]

The Consequences of ‘Gagging’ Trump

By Mario Creatura. Late on Wednesday evening Facebook chose to ban President Trump from their platform and Instagram indefinitely, but at least for the duration of his presidency. Twitter temporarily froze his account, but then took the more drastic decision of banning him permanently on Friday. Given his words directly led to the violence on […]

85% of FMCG firms report a negative influencer experience, so what’s going wrong?

By Alec Harden-Henry, Commercial Director, Influence Network. In the world of Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG), influencers are big news. A recent report highlighted that almost half of FMCG companies will allocate 50% of their marketing budget to influencers. That statistic is a) astounding and b) would be largely unthinkable just a few years ago. 19% […]

How to understand and leverage the effectiveness of influencer marketing today

By Sophie Moore, Senior Digital Planner at Bottle. Influencer Marketing has enormous clout for brands’ growth objectives and it’s becoming an essential tactic for many businesses digital marketing strategies. Google searches for ‘influencer marketing’ have increased 1500% in just 3 years, and the industry is expected to see the industry grow to approximately $10 billion […]

Online Contagion: 5G and the growth of Misinformation in the Digital Age

By Alex Bluestone, Senior Sector Consultant – Industry, alva. Despite having access to more information than ever before, people appear to be suffering from an information paradox: as access to information increases, the ability to parse and interpret that information for truth wanes. Misinformation around the links between 5G and personal health is just one […]

How to Brief an Influencer

‘The brief is the moment where the success of your campaign can be decided. A great brief can have your influencers’ creativity running wild, whilst staying on brand and on target for what you want to achieve.’ By Harriot Rockey, COO, Influence Network. The brief for an influencer campaign can be everything. The above quote […]

Why Wickes launched the home improvement industry’s first campaign on TikTok

By Mary Keane-Dawson, Group CEO of TAKUMI. This month, home improvement retailer Wickes launched the industry’s first ever influencer marketing campaign on TikTok. The #MyWickesMyWay campaign involved seven content creators each producing a video on the social media platform. The TikTok creators showcased content including DIY tips and transformation hacks to create cultural moments and increase product usage. […]

What will an ‘influencer Christmas’ look like?

By Alec Harden-Henry, Commercial Director, Influence Network. The story of influencer marketing in 2020 is still being written, but whatever way you look at it, the year has proven to be a pivotal point for the sector. Whether it was travel influencers being forced to adapt during the early wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, brands gravitating […]

UK AD watchdog makes first ruling on TikTok ad

UK watchdog ruling on TikTok advertisement highlights potential pitfalls of influencers overdelivering against their campaign brief. A hairdryer advertisement fronted by Emily Canham has become the first TikTok post to be ruled against by the UK’s advertising watchdog. The advertisement for GHD included a caption saying users could benefit from a discount if they entered […]