Political influence: the role of social media in the US Presidential Election

By Mary Keane-Dawson, Group CEO of TAKUMI. The result of the upcoming US Presidential Election has been long-awaited by American citizens and the rest of the world. The race to the White House has predictably been anything but smooth – with digital sabotage, hype houses and conspiracy theories recently dominating global headlines. We first saw the use of […]

Instagram cracks down on influencer disclosure

Instagram cracks down on influencer disclosure pledging to do more to prevent hidden advertising marking an important behaviour shift by the major platform. Instagram has today committed to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) that it will do more to prevent hidden advertising being posted on its platform. The CMA – the UK government watchdog […]

Influencers owning the news: opportunities become risk

As influencers take ownership of the news, brand opportunities become more entwined with ethics and consumer protection. By Alec Harden-Henry, Commercial Director, Influence Network. Hopefully, by now, we all know that the approach you would take to placing an advertisement on a billboard and a piece of PR in a newspaper are entirely different. You are […]

What do the next ten years hold for Instagram?

By Mary Keane-Dawson, Group CEO of TAKUMI. Founded in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kriege, Instagram has changed the world over the past ten years, transforming the social media space and creating hundreds of unforgettable cultural moments. From the world_record_egg to the selfie, Instagram has offered a platform for millions of creatives and is showing no signs […]

How to embrace the power of community to build your brand

By Darryl Sparey, MD and Co-founder of Hard Numbers. If 2020 has proven one thing, it’s that if you’re the leader of the free world, you probably aren’t wise to call the Coronavirus a ‘hoax’. But if it’s proved one other thing, it is the value of honest, direct communication with your customers, prospects and stakeholders; we all […]

1-in-4 consumers turn to influencers for news before journalists

One-in-four consumers are more likely to source news updates and opinions from influencers than from journalists and established news outlets says TAKUMI survey. One-in-four consumers are more likely to source news updates and opinions from influencers than from journalists and established news outlets according to a new survey. For younger consumers, the ratio is one-in-three […]

The Oatly Twitter furore forgets silent majority

By Simon Lucey, founder, Hype Collective. PR Twitter lost it’s shit over Oatly last week. The alternative milk brand received a $200 million investment from Blackstone, a controversial private equity firm – and major Republican Party donor. Blackstone have also been accused of indirectly contributing to the deforestation of the Amazon through financial links to […]

Can you beat an algorithm?

For several weeks now, I have been blocked by Instagram. I can post images, but I cannot add a caption. Nor can I comment on any other person’s post. Plus I cannot “like” any photos I see. According to Instagram, I am a “potential spammer”, and therefore my account permissions have been reduced until I […]

Google pits YouTubers against trad media in Australia

Google Australia is pitting YouTubers against traditional media in reaction to new draft news media bargaining code law. Taking to the Google Australia blog earlier this week Gautam Anand, Head of YouTube APAC posted: “I’m writing today to make you aware of a proposed new law, known as the News Media Bargaining Code, that could have […]

What does TikTok’s potential ban mean for the future of social media?

By Mary Keane-Dawson, Group CEO of TAKUMI. Last week, President Trump threatened to ban TikTok by mid-September, unless ownership of its US operations is transferred to an American business. Unsurprisingly, this announcement was condemned by the Chinese Communist Party, whose foreign ministry accused the US of using national security as a cover to exert hegemony over social media. […]