Paid Social – the latest CIPR Social Media Panel csuite podcast

Last week, I discussed important topic of Paid Social with Farhad Koodoruth, Managing Director of Threepipe, and Vikki Chowney, Director of Content & Publishing Strategies at H+K Strategies in Show 10 of the CIPR’s Social Media Panel c-suite podcast series. The areas covered off in the show included, amongst others: Promoted posts and tweets on Facebook, Twitter […]

Nine steps to build an online brand

Today every business owner recognises the importance of a strong online brand – even if it’s still on the “to do” list. Finding you on Google and researching who you are is now an integral part of every customer’s buying process. Northern Lights works with a wide number of B2B organisations, public sector bodies, educational […]

Be authentic, not automated, on Twitter

A UK consulting engineering firm has a fatally flawed Twitter strategy: tweeting 246 times a day but engaging with hardly anyone. Regular twitter followers will know that I tweet prodigiously from some construction industry events. Yesterday was no exception. Between two other events, I tweeted from an education and skills event (Alison Watson’s #5050London; see […]

What happens when you invite influential bloggers to @Wimbledon?

For the last 2 years, I have been inviting key social media influencers to Wimbledon to tour the IBM behind-the-scenes operations. As may people know, since 1990, IBM has been the Technology Partner for Wimbledon, and as part of this we show our key clients behind-the-scenes to showcase the power of an IBM supplied end-to-end solution with […]

What can brands do when they make embarrassing mistakes?

Google has been in the spotlight for the last few days for an appalling mistake made by its facial recognition software. Now, when you upload images to Google Photos, Googles AI tags them with what it deems the most appropriate word. This caused an issue earlier in the year when it was reported that Google […]

PR Stunt of the Week: Samsung “The Safety Truck”

You know I love a clever idea or quirky campaign. Well this week I was sent this little beauty and I love the simplicity of it. This initiative was created by Leo Burnett from Buenos Aires for Samsung’s Argentinian corporate office to promote road safety, what better way to demonstrate Samsung’s high definition TV screens […]

Understanding the power of owned and earned media in an ‘opt-in’ world

I don’t know about you but these days I seem to be getting ‘buffeted’ from all angles by people trying to sell me stuff. And it’s getting worse – the more communications channels that spring up, the louder the hype and the noisier everything becomes. I see these unwanted sales pitches for what they are – intrusions into my life – […]

CIPR Cymru Wales: using digital tools to improve performance

. @aligoldsworthy talking about ‘what makes campaigns fly’ on a glorious morning in Cardiff Bay. #Rise&Shine — CIPR Cymru (@CIPR_Cymru) June 30, 2015 This morning I was at a CIPR event in Cardiff, where Ali Goldsworthy, Head of Supporter Strategy and Engagement at the consumer group Which?, gave an insightful talk on running campaigns. What […]

Public relations is in a turf war

“There’s a turf war taking place between advertising, public relations and digital” – so says Stephen Waddington. Nowhere was that perspective more strongly evidenced than in the final session of day one of Social Media World Forum  ‘Will content marketing replace PR?’. The session kicked off with a reminder from host Glen Gilmore that “PR […]

What does the future of comms look like?

The future of communication is bright. PR is not dead and internal communication isn’t either. Oh and comedian David Schneider has the ability to make me laugh so hard my tummy hurts. These are some of my thoughts from the Futurecomms15 #FC15 conference in London I attended on Thursday. It was hosted by Mynewsdesk and confirmed what I […]