Healthcare should be digitally-rooted, because patients are

I recently interviewed a trainee doctor about the role online communities play in modern healthcare. She had found, through patient assessments, that the internet and the infamous ‘Doctor Google’ were ever present, regardless of the ailment. Whilst the NHS encourages patients to check out symptoms online via NHS Choices and group online clinics, patients often […]

Why SEO Companies May Seriously Damage PR Agencies

Digital media has long been both an opportunity and a threat to the public relations industry. For a long time it was touted that digital marketers were going to steal PR’s lunch. But it’s becoming increasingly obvious that it is, in fact, SEO agencies that are nicking food from PR’s plate while it’s looking the other […]

Five ways for your PR to thrive in the era of Facebook Instant Articles

I’ll make this blog post short. Snapchat Discover and, new last week, Facebook Instant Articles are leading a new trend towards news that can be digested in six seconds or less. Here are five ways I think comms content is changing to adapt to the short attention spans of Millenials: 1) Infographics rule Forget everything you know about […]

New era, same principles for engagement

I gave this presentation at JBP’s Bristol office on Monday night about how digital can be used to support engagement activity. The event was attended by professionals who work in planning, development and legal practice. I was delighted that comms manager from East Devon Drew Aspinwall joined me to talk about activity that has taken […]

Social CEOs & Blue Unicorns – the latest CIPR c-suite podcast

Colin Byrne, CEO of Weber Shandwick UK & EMEA, Paul Frampton, CEO of Havas Media and PRMoment’s Ben Smith joined me in the studio last week for the latest, slightly extended (all three like to chat a bit), CIPR Social Media Panel c-suite podcast.  The topic of discussion was The Social CEO. Colin began by making reference to Weber […]

A new platform for a new network: the FIR Podcast Network is live

Tweet When we introduced For Immediate Release on January 3, 2005, we had no idea we’d still be podcasting more than a decade later. We didn’t know what the state of podcasting would be, that the scope of FIR would expand, or that podcast networks would be a thing. When we started, we just needed […]

FIR Interview: Julian Mills and Steven Green on social intranets

Tweet Communicators struggle to build genuine online engagement among employees using the various social tools available for intranets. Study after study shows that few employees use these tools, regardless of how much they might be engaged with external social media. At Bank of Montreal, though, Julian Mills overcame the obstacles to introduce social tools employees […]

Lessons on Best Practice Facebook Post Boosting

Facebook post boosting is considered to be good value, but if you’re looking for tips on how best to utilise it from your peers, you might be out of luck. That seems to be the conclusion from recent research I carried out. A couple of weeks ago, I published a survey among my networks to […]