Finding a Cultural Oasis (before shifting to a hybrid way of working)

Public Relations

By Colin Cather, creative director, Bottle PR. There is probably no one-shot silver bullet to re-igniting agency culture after the last 18-months. Organisational experts and professors of workplace vibe-ology disagree as much as they agree. Go softly-softly or plunge in? So, in an either-or, definitely-maybe, situation like this, who could we ar Bottle PR turn to […]

Six signs your digital advertising campaigns are underperforming and what to do about it

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Poorly performing paid search campaigns could be costing businesses tens of thousands of pounds every month. By Gez McGuire, founder, Lead Accelerator. Pay-per-click is often a victim of its own success. With even the most basic of setups delivering results, marketing managers and agencies can see it as a fit and forget solution. A closer […]