Mind the diversity gap: equality and inclusion work in the NHS

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By Shak Rafiq, communications manager for NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Diversity and inclusion matter, there’s plenty of evidence to support this. According to McKinsey (2015) companies that commit themselves to diversity are more successful as they win top talent, improve their customer orientation, employee satisfaction and decision making. Inclusive practices help build a …

Are you operating at your B.E.S.T?

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By Jo Twiselton, The speakers at the recent 2019 CIPR National Conference, ‘Preparing for the Digital Future’, gave the audience lots of food for thought, covering areas from trust to ethics and reputation to name just a few. For me, the over-riding message was of more big change on the horizon. With this in mind, …

The Grey Area Of Political Advertising – Do Political Influencers Have A Role To Play?

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By Rohan Midha, MD, PMYB, Politicians and influencers – a modern day match? It’s well proven that influencers resonate with much of the public making them an ideal resource for shaping opinions through political advertising. In addition to being persuasive, the reach of influencers is one of the most cost-effective communication mediums out there, which …