The AI tool chasm in PR

A new CIPR #AIinPR project finds that AI tool vendors are not addressing the PR market. Tool adoption is almost entirely limited to automation tools. There is an important ongoing conversation in public relations about the speed of innovation, the adoption of tools and artificial intelligence, enabling people to work smarter or replacing roles. Technology […]

Required skills in PR are evolving: We need AI innovators

By Kerry Sheehan, chair of the AIinPR Panel. Artificial intelligence poses one of the biggest reputation risks to businesses, organisations and brands and as automation and AI adoption now accelerates. In recent years, AI has been positioned as one of the biggest commercial opportunities for global economies. Pre the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK Government Department for […]

AI and Strategic PR: The new frontier

By Miguel Martinez, PhD, In the last decade, the PR and communications industry has gone through a huge transformation, with sources of information increasing exponentially in volume and speed, as well as a complete change in information consumption patterns. Unfortunately, this has forced PR professionals to focus on more tactical tasks, rather than using their […]

AIinPR issues stark call to PR industry – Upskill or risk getting left behind

The #AIinPR panel has issue a stark call to PR practitioners to ‘upskill or risk getting left behind and harming the future of our profession’ as global research clearly shows public relations is not ready for artificial intelligence. The call comes following an intensive12-month global research project carried out by the CIPR Artificial Intelligence in […]

Humans on AI

What future for PR professionals in an automated world? At a Business Wire roundtable, Influence brought together leading professionals and a pioneer in ‘machine journalism’ to discuss the big questions… By Matthew Rock, After a long career in print and broadcast journalism, Gary Rogers knew that the way audiences consume news – in real time […]

AI and the future of journalism

By Catriona Gilmour, We seem to be reading a new story every week about the automation of jobs and industries all over the world. No industry seems to be totally future-proof – but how about journalism? Business Wire UK invited PA editor-in-chief Pete Clifton, technology journalist Holly Brockwell and AP’s Paul Shanley to discuss how […]

Ethics and AI: The Dilemma Facing the PR Practitioner

By Anthony Olabode Ayodele, Like other disciplines advanced via the digital age Artificial Intelligence is gradually becoming deeply embedded in Public Relations. As the discourse regarding the prevalence of AI grows there is an increasing need to define sound ethical practices regarding it. What we consider worthwhile of establishing an Artificial Intelligence API for (simply […]

Professions versus machines

A CIPR project led by Professor Anne Gregory is set to explore the impact of AI on the professions. Public relations exhibits many of the qualities associated with a profession but is very much a work in progress. A profession is defined by a number of criteria including: Barrier to entry in the form of […]