Poppy is more than a PR campaign for a charity

By James Knight. When I decide to write articles or blogs I like to write about very worthwhile causes, and The Poppy Factory hits the right note. I have great respect for this 100-year-old charity and the veterans it supports. Poppies are so much more than just a PR campaign for this unique charity. Based […]

Engaging With Government: The Charity Challenge

A new report has examined the relationship between charities and government with some very worrying conclusions. Unless charities take their public affairs seriously then misunderstandings, misconceptions and policy errors are likely.  A new report published by the Law Family Commission on Civil Society focused on the relationship between charities and policy makers. The findings suggest […]

Charities must not ‘roll over’ in the face of a decline in public trust

By Shimon Cohen, Chairman, The PR Office, It’s high time that the charity sector got a grip on the well-publicised issues that have prompted a decline in public trust. This month, a report conducted by the Charity Aid Foundation (CAF) came to some bleak conclusions on charitable donations. According to the report’s findings, the percentage […]

Five ways charities and campaigners can get the good news out there

In a climate where mainstream media space is at a premium and charities facing a more hostile press, a group at the Campaigning Forum in Oxford convened to look at how charities and progressive campaigners can get the good news out there. Almost 20 suggestions came forward from campaigners which can be summarised into five main […]

Getting it wrong: confessions of a voluntary campaigner

By Carolyn Lochhead, In my day job, I campaign for improved mental health. In the evenings, I campaign for better access to childcare to working parents. In between times, I campaign for my children to sit down, eat their tea and go to bed when they’re told. The latter is, inevitably, the least successful of […]