Reflections On The Party Conferences

By Stuart Thomson, Head of Public Affairs at BDB Pitmans With the Labour and Conservative Party conferences having ended, it is worth reflecting on what they now mean and the value they have in public affairs.  There is no doubt that the conferences have changed.  This year we were able to return to in-person conferences […]

And they’re off (officially): Tory leadership race gets underway

By Lisa Townsend, You could be forgiven for thinking that the Tory leadership race has been going on for months, if not years in the case of some contenders. Arguably, Boris Johnson never stopped running following his failed bid in 2016 and it comes as no surprise to see Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt or Andrea Leadsom […]

What The Tory Leadership Contest Means For Public Affairs

The ‘news’ that Theresa May will soon be agreeing the timetable for her departure will have shocked few people. Despite her best efforts, the PM’s time in office has been drawing to a close for some time. But what does the contest that will take place mean for public affairs? The process to find a […]

EU Election Manifestos: Unread, but still important

As polling day in the European elections (23 May)  gets nearer, I am writing a series of articles about the messages and communications techniques involved.  Today I am focusing on that staple of elections – the party manifesto. Despite the, sometimes lengthy, arguments about phrasing and content, virtually no one actually reads manifestos. No one, […]

Conservative Party Conference: Domestic policy dances to centre stage

To conclude my conference season blogs I take a look at the past week in Birmingham. The Conservative Party Conference always has a particular challenge. Coming last in the running order, spokespeople can find they are doing more responding to the earlier events than they like.  Journalists by this point are tired and (more) cynical.  […]

Theresa May at CPC17: When it rains in Manchester, it pours

APCO director, Leon Cook, looks back at a turbulent week at the Conservative Party Conference. As we descended on Manchester for the annual Conservative Party conference, a tremendous amount of speculation focused on two things; could the party membership forgive Number 10 for the surprising and disappointing election campaign; and would Prime Minister Theresa May […]

Selling policy – the Government and the Human Rights Act

You might think that given that the Conservatives have barely finished celebrating their unexpected election victory they might not feel the need to justify a policy that had appear on their manifesto – but when it comes to the Human Rights Act (HRA) that’s exactly what they need to do. During the 2015 General Election […]

No such thing as an organic campaign – take-homes from the Social Media World Forum

There’s no such thing as an organic only campaign – the question is the ratio between paid-for and organic growth. A one-to-one ratio and you’re doing well. That was the message Amex’s Simon Veaney gave to the Social Media World Forum this week. Veaney’s talk was entitled Paid Amplification vs Organic Growth and started with […]

Getting the message across – a look at the General Election campaigns

With the Queen’s Speech read the dust has now started to settle from the shock result of the General Election, and the Labour Party is asking itself why its message did not attract enough ballot box ticks. While senior members jostle for position in the leadership race the party inevitably partakes in some navel-gazing about […]