How COVID-19 will impact PR practice and skills

COVID-19 is accelerating the modernisation of PR practice and skills. That’s daunting but it’s also incredibly exciting for individuals and organisations willing to invest in the future. The CIPR, #FuturePRoof, PRCA and Provoke Media have all polled the PR industry throughout the COVID-19 crisis. We’ve been able to observe the impact of the virus on […]

What does the Government’s new messaging mean?

My social media feeds are full of discussions today about the UK Government’s latest COVID-19 messaging. The original was: Stay at home. Protect the NHS. Save lives. Design iterations aside, the messaging has remained constant throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to date. It has seeped into society so much that when recording a video message to […]

Tangible, action-based and targeted: how brands should behave in the business unusual

By Alberto Lopez Valenzuela, founder & chief executive, alva, This pandemic calls for authentic leadership. After years of businesses theorising about ‘purpose’ and their role in society, the time has finally come to put their money and their efforts where their mouth is, with authentic, action-based announcements. This is my key takeaway from alva’s analysis of the […]

Charities can still thrive despite there being one story in town

By Drew Salisbury, It is undeniable that this is an immensely difficult time for all charities. During this challenging and unprecedented time, it is imperative that charities do not let their key messages get lost in a news agenda dominated by one story – COVID 19. The impact on charities will vary and very much […]

Living under lockdown – again: a former peacekeeper’s perspective

By Sheena Thomson, founder, Conduit Associates, As the lockdown period looks set to run potentially into several weeks or months, I have noticed messages beginning to appear on LinkedIn and wider social media from those who are starting to struggle with the general uncertainty and isolation, and having their freedom of movement restricted. There is […]

One priority for us all

Business and the biggest brands are facing one of the toughest moments in modern life. This is uncharted and unprecedented territory despite all the planning and preparation we may have done. Companies and organisations are facing pressure like they have never seen. I think it is safe to say have never seen because of the […]

Coronavirus and Public Affairs

As together we face the ‘worst public health crisis for a generation’, the impact on individuals, families, communities and organisations will be huge. We all have to work out what it means for doing our jobs as well and public affairs is no different. I must admit to stopping and thinking twice before writing this […]

Personal resilience in a time of crisis

It’s tough out there, really tough, do your best and know that everyone is feeling the same. I headed for a long walk on the beach yesterday. With each day the COVID-19 headlines become more alarming. The debate and discussion on social media don’t help. Then there’s disinformation. The first place to start building personal […]

How viral can combat virus – what we need is a coronavirus meme strategy

To tackle the Coronavirus we urgently need a meme strategy – using one form of virus to counter-act another. And current government health advice that it’s okay to shake hands could be fundamentally wrong: not on health grounds – but for missing a golden communications opportunity. The corona virus presents an extraordinarily communications challenge. With […]

How is Coronavirus influencing the communications industry?

Rarely has the comms world seen an issue such as this global pandemic, coronavirus, which cuts across all geographical borders regardless of cultures and language. Yet reactions in different countries have been very varied. From Wuhan and Italy, which cordoned themselves off, to America which has banned visitors from selected Shengen countries, to the UK […]