The power of the press conference: 5 key lessons from COVID-19 crisis comms

By Samantha Seewoosurrun, CIPR International committee member based in Mauritius, Not long ago, in the pre-COVID-19 era, communications professionals used to debate whether the days of the press conference were numbered in the digital age. Within weeks, the humble press conference has emerged as the greatest show on earth, while parliaments sink into irrelevance. Today, […]

A survey on crisis communications preparedness and COVID-19

Two Belgian corporate communications consultants, Phillippe Borremans and Jo Detavernier, have set out to probe the degree in which businesses around the planet have found their existing crisis communications tools and processes to be of sufficient use for the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Crisis communications is often a discipline in which companies will underinvest in ‘peace’ […]

Is the coronavirus a crisis, disaster or emergency?

The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in an orgy of news stories, commentary and analysis in which the terms crisis, disaster and emergency have been used almost interchangeably. According to Muckrack’s Trends research tool, here’s what the media have been using over the past year: These three terms are closely related and overlap significantly, yet each […]

Corporate apologies: the good, the bad and the ugly

By Emma Duke, Head of Communications, Oxford Education at Oxford University Press, We’ve just launched our latest event for PR and Communications professionals across Oxfordshire: Sorry seems to be the hardest word; an event dedicated to the corporate apology. Having worked in crisis comms for more years than I care to remember, this got me […]

The Values Shield

By Matthew Knowles, The team at Hotwire in the UK kindly invited me to speak on a panel last week looking at crisis communications as they published their UK findings of the agency’s global report on the subject after surveying industry leaders in many of the countries that they cover.  It was a good event, with interesting questions from […]

Working with the One Show

By Matt Beard, CIPR Professional PR Diploma student and Head of Media at Govia Thameslink Railway, In the aftermath of the severe disruption caused by last Spring’s new timetables, the One Show asked Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR) for an interview with our new CEO. We told them it was too early to do the behind-the-scenes piece they wanted […]

How Should You Measure Communications Before, During, and After a Crisis?

Although most organizations plan for crises, everyone assumes it’ll never happen to them. They draft the plans to check that box and then intend to leave it on the shelf. But, then it happens. An employee acts inappropriately, or your product causes illness or injuries, or you experience a data breach, and everything hits the […]

Elon Musk tweet storm shows the need to balance authenticity with authority

Authenticity is a fundamental element of communications. Say something you don’t mean or can’t back up with proof and you will soon be caught out. I recently assessed Chartered Practitioner candidates for the CIPR on leadership, discussing the need to support leaders of business in our roles as PR consultants. The subject coursework cited an […]

‘Stealing thunder’ in sports public relations

A version of this article was submitted as part of a CIPR Professional PR Diploma assignment by Stuart Moffatt, who studied with PR Academy. In the sports industry, individual athletes and organisations have an ethical predicament when faced with a crisis which is not yet known to the media or public: should they elect to self-disclose the relevant information before a third party […]