CIPR visits friends in the north

“How do you prepare for the unexpected and are you really ready if the very worst happens?” England had just gone out of the World Cup, the Prime Minister was under extreme pressure, two leading cabinet ministers had just resigned, Donald Trump was visiting the UK and it was Friday the 13th. The perfect day […]

Don’t let a good crisis go to waste

There is no doubt that a crisis can bring reputational damage and clear costs to an organisation. But it can also bring benefits if the time can be taken to recognise them. The glare of the media and political spotlights often cause widespread panic. Sometimes this is well placed and organisations can do little more […]

Are women better than men at handling a crisis?

Are men better at handling a crisis than women are? Are women indecisive and less reliable than men? Do women generally seek others’ approval before they make a decision? Is women’s inclination to listen to diverse view points seen as a gender weakness? According to Dr Therese Houston, women generally advance in leadership roles when […]

Crisis management and what to consider in your plan

I recently spoke at an event about how important a crisis management plan was and how a crisis comms plan should be part of the strategy. I wanted to write a post which would help advise how to write and inform a crisis management plan, integrating public relations and communications.Why? Well let’s say you don’t have a […]

Please CEOs, do not create your own crises

Reputations take careful crating and building. Too often though it is the words or actions of senior team members that rapidly undo all the hard work. But do not assume they will know how they can inflict damage themselves. Help them avoid mistakes by telling them! Communications may be considered seriously by senior teams in […]

When the cameras go

I am getting used to hearing the words ‘you must have been busy for the past three weeks’. My answer usually is to just smile or to add ‘just a little bit’. I know people are just making polite conversation and I shouldn’t get frustrated by it. There is a lot written about managing a […]

How marketeers can combat fake news in a post-truth world

Making headlines with fake news By Annie Brafield After the word ‘post-truth’ was chosen as Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year for 2016, it comes as no surprise that the subject of fake news continues to make headlines. Articles are frequently being questioned for their validity, satirical news sites are causing both laughter and confusion and Channel 4 […]

Crisis Communications: The Inquiry ‘Trap’

When faced with a crisis, organisations will often reach for the apparent solution of an inquiry to look at the problem. But too often the reality of what conducting a proper inquiry means is not considered. It may not be a panacea.When organisations announce that an inquiry is to be held, they do not really […]

Why you should learn from the crisis that never happened

Every time a crisis breaks you see the armchair PR experts popping up offering their wisdom about what company Y is doing wrong. If the company in trouble just listened to them then every crisis could be turned into an opportunity. The reality is always somewhat different as what the armchair experts usually fail to […]

Sports Direct: Mike Ashley forced into the spotlight

Nine years ago, Sports Direct was crowned the ‘least ethical’ big firm in the UK. Yesterday, a spotlight of infamy again shines on founder, Mike Ashley, who has faced MPs investigating working practices at the firm’s Derbyshire warehouse after a series of allegations. Clearly, there are a number of ethical dilemmas being put on the table as […]