Every Word Matters, All The Time

Every public comment from an organisation can have an impact on reputation – positive or negative. That means being careful about every single word, all the time. If not, you are playing with your reputation. Statements and comments are issued all the time.  Official comments are often pored over carefully by communications teams. On other […]

Business redemption and rebuilding a damaged reputation

By Nick Gold. “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it.” Warren Buffett’s famous quote has never been more relevant than in the age of social media. Within minutes of releasing a controversial statement or making a public mistake, you can be tried and condemned by the court of […]

A report, a Prime Minister and an attempt to move on

It has taken many weeks, but on 25 May we finally got to see the Sue Gray report into the lockdown parties at the heart of the Government. The way this whole situation has been handled is far from effective crisis communication. The latest communication had further apologies in a sorry, not sorry way. There […]

Do we have to talk to the media in a crisis?

By Chris Tucker, PR Academy. Tony Jaques is a well-known academic and commentator on the subject of crisis communication.  I subscribe to his regular blog posts and always read them with interest.  His latest missive on the media during a crisis raised again the question we often face from a senior management team feeling the […]

Preparedness – an issue for us all

Almost under the radar, a report was recently published that has highlighted the dire state of the UK’s resilience to emergencies and crises. There appears to be little to no coverage in the media and it has attracted some discussion on social media but among emergency planners and specialists in disaster management. But do all communicators […]

Recovery not ‘freedom day’

It was inevitable that at some point we would get to this position. A point where the Government are trying to move from the pandemic crisis into recovery and the much-heralded ‘return to normal’. We all remember those times when we would just go out and meet friends, do the daily commute to the office, […]

A survey on crisis communications preparedness and COVID-19

Two Belgian corporate communications consultants, Phillippe Borremans and Jo Detavernier, have set out to probe the degree in which businesses around the planet have found their existing crisis communications tools and processes to be of sufficient use for the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Crisis communications is often a discipline in which companies will underinvest in ‘peace’ […]

Marques Brownlee helps with Samsung Galaxy Fold crisis comms

Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee shows the value of influencers in helping companies through crisis communications with his Samsung Galaxy Fold video. Marquees Brownlee, the technology-focused YouTuber is helping Samsung through its crisis management surrounding its new Galaxy Fold. The American influencer with 8.3m followers has uploaded a video to YouTube addressing the broken screen issues suffered […]