A survey on crisis communications preparedness and COVID-19

Two Belgian corporate communications consultants, Phillippe Borremans and Jo Detavernier, have set out to probe the degree in which businesses around the planet have found their existing crisis communications tools and processes to be of sufficient use for the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Crisis communications is often a discipline in which companies will underinvest in ‘peace’ […]

Marques Brownlee helps with Samsung Galaxy Fold crisis comms

Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee shows the value of influencers in helping companies through crisis communications with his Samsung Galaxy Fold video. Marquees Brownlee, the technology-focused YouTuber is helping Samsung through its crisis management surrounding its new Galaxy Fold. The American influencer with 8.3m followers has uploaded a video to YouTube addressing the broken screen issues suffered […]

Being crisis (and creative) ready

Throw out the playbook* and buckle up. It’s a bumpy ride. By Oliver Druttman,  “Ah yes, I’ve seen this one before. Just copy and paste the statement from the crisis manual. That’ll hold ‘em,” said no (self-respecting) PR ever. The one sure thing about an issue or subsequent crisis is it never plays out like the […]

Palm oil and the slippery issue of online crisis management

By Julia Ruane, When an issue starts trending online a good PR team gets creative fast, finding ways to maximise its popularity to build engagement with their audience. Remember Oreo and their Superbowl blackout tweet? But the best PR teams do more than that – they don’t just look at how the rising trend could bring […]

Don’t let a good crisis go to waste

There is no doubt that a crisis can bring reputational damage and clear costs to an organisation. But it can also bring benefits if the time can be taken to recognise them. The glare of the media and political spotlights often cause widespread panic. Sometimes this is well placed and organisations can do little more […]

TSB’s poor communication could cost the bottom line

TSB crisis communication TSB crisis demonstrates the needs for public relations to be integrated within all elements of the business After two days of down time, for a major system upgrade, Friday 6pm until Sunday 6pm, TSB crisis hit and it came under attack (yesterday, Tuesday, 24 April), as it still didn’t have the system up and […]

Six top tips for communicator credibility in times of crisis

Authenticity. Understanding. Trust. It’s what every professional communicator strives for, and it’s never more important than in times of crisis. By Alison Arnot FCIPR, CIPR Trainer and Director at Catalyst Communications, As PR professionals, we know the reputational harm a poorly managed crisis can have, and we know that equally, there are benefits to be seen […]

Two airlines, one PR crisis. But who was left flying high?

By Julia Ruane,  One thing an airline can’t be without is pilots. Unfortunately for both Ryanair and American Airlines this year, scheduling ‘snafus’ meant that was exactly what they would be without. As a result, hundreds of thousands of passengers were affected across both sides of the pond. Each airline had potentially a major PR […]

Crisis management and what to consider in your plan

I recently spoke at an event about how important a crisis management plan was and how a crisis comms plan should be part of the strategy. I wanted to write a post which would help advise how to write and inform a crisis management plan, integrating public relations and communications.Why? Well let’s say you don’t have a […]