Morality and public relations: Is everyone entitled to PR support?

Reputation matters. How your organisation is viewed is not just a pat on the back for a job well done – it has serious financial implications. Earlier this year, research claimed that corporate reputation accounted for 38% of market capitalization across the FTSE 100 & 250. Good news for the public relations industry, but can […]

Is it time for a debate about how the PR sector deals with Ethics?

Why isn’t the PR industry able to get a grip on and deal with ethical breaches? Don’t fall asleep. Please don’t. What I’m going to say matters to our industry and profession. Over the past week there have been a number of big reads about ethical issues. First there was Fleishman and accusations of astroturfing […]

Can we harness the power of global comms and advertising to save ourselves?

By Iain Patton, Director, Ethical Team, It could be argued that the communications industry as a whole and the advertising industry, in particular, have long held a reputation for relying on people’s weaknesses to drive sales while compromising access to finite resources by future generations. This thirst for short-term profit has allowed global corporations to […]

Jacinda Ardern – charismatic purpose-driven leadership

By Iain Patton, Director, Ethical Team, Following the aftermath of the terrible atrocities in New Zealand a new political star has emerged whose influence and impact is reaching far beyond the borders of this traditionally quiet commonwealth country. While the 2019 Edelman Trust Barometer reports that trust in global institutions and authority figures has hit an […]

Ethics: The PR Practitioner Dealing with the ‘Awkward Client’

By Anthony Olabode Ayodele, The contemporary PR Practitioner is constantly faced with a variety of challenges. Unfortunately, these could be presented in the form of a difficult client. Things don’t always turn out as expected and the person on the other side of the table could well be your next major problem. Recently, during a presentation […]

‘Stealing thunder’ in sports public relations

A version of this article was submitted as part of a CIPR Professional PR Diploma assignment by Stuart Moffatt, who studied with PR Academy. In the sports industry, individual athletes and organisations have an ethical predicament when faced with a crisis which is not yet known to the media or public: should they elect to self-disclose the relevant information before a third party […]

Does integrity matter in Public Relations?

We all deliver a service in public relations – some of us go above and beyond, others just deliver it. What really makes you stand out is the integrity with which you deliver your service. Do you keep matters that are supposed to be confidential to yourself? Or do you just take the first opportunity […]

Brand and Blogger – does it pay to be ethical?

As influencer marketing and PR continues to grow how do we, as PR professionals, ensure that our efforts are also ethical? By Deb Sharratt & Anne-Marie Lacey, As professional communicators, we work hard to strategically build relationships between brands and their target audiences, based on robust research, whilst protecting, preserving and enhancing a brand’s reputation. […]

Is business ethics the missing link in a financial crisis?

The financial and economic experts of the last decade believe that the start of the October 2008 financial crisis in the US represents the most serious shake-up of international finances ever since the Great Depression of 1929-1933 – could the lack of business ethics have played a part in it? The effects of the crisis are still being felt beyond […]

How low will you go?

We don’t always realise it but every day we are facing ethical dilemmas at work and at home. They often go unrecognised because we see them just as difficult decisions that we need to make. But during this month when we are focusing on ethics and the importance of them we need to consider where […]