Statistics: Shady marketing or essential PR Partner?

By Josh Glendinning, Senior Research Manager, Opinium Research, “In theory, statistics should help settle arguments. They ought to provide stable reference points that everyone – no matter what their politics – can agree on…[Yet] rather than diffusing controversy and polarisation, it seems as if statistics are actually stoking them…Not only are statistics viewed by many as untrustworthy, […]

How low will you go?

We don’t always realise it but every day we are facing ethical dilemmas at work and at home. They often go unrecognised because we see them just as difficult decisions that we need to make. But during this month when we are focusing on ethics and the importance of them we need to consider where […]

PR in 2017: Doing the right thing, because it’s the right thing

By Brooke Kenyon Gazing into the future at the CIPR Channel Islands Forum: PR 2022 last month I was reassured that, whilst many elements of the PR role are susceptible to radical change over the coming decades – with reliance on AI and ever changing media industry – some key qualities a PR professional will […]

Is it OK for PR professionals to work for tobacco companies? 

By Richard Evans Tobacco and public relations have a long shared history. In fact, the two figures most popularly thought of as the founders of the profession – Ivy Lee and Edward Bernays – both did work on behalf of the tobacco industry. Lee advised American Tobacco that Lucky Strike adverts should not be placed next to adverts for […]