The Role Of Public Affairs In Risk Management

The management of risk is fundamental to the success of any organisation, as well as being, for many, a legal requirement. But what role can public affairs play and how can it help manage risk? Fundamentally, a lot of risk is created by politicians and government. They are not the only ones who create risk, […]

Building a bridge to Westminster

There may be different reasons for wanting to engage with Parliament, policy-makers and officials but outreach needs to be planned. If you want to build bridges into Westminster then follow these practical tips. There may some solid risk management reasons for engaging with Westminster, especially as various rulebooks face being ripped up post-Brexit. That is […]

Preparing CEOs for political engagement

Too often CEOs will talk a tough game but put them in front of politicians and they fail to deliver. In an era of Brexit, Trump and tariffs this needs to stop and public affairs can help. Speaking on the Today programme about the warning Airbus has issued about leaving the UK in the event […]

Talking the language of government

Engaging with government can be confusing. It is not always clear what Ministers want or how they intend to achieve it. So public affairs needs to help understand the language of government and unpick its true meaning. If we are lucky, government will set out a clear policy objective but much of the time they […]

Why 2018 Will Be The Year Of Government Intervention

Business engagement across politics will become more challenging during 2018. While governments know they need the private sector to grow and thrive, they are also under pressure to show their electorates that they are in control. And business behaviour hasn’t helped… Everything from non-disclosed data leaks, through to poor personal behaviour and deliberate product slow-downs […]

It’s all about Parliament

For a long time public affairs has had to consider a range of stakeholders, advisers, influencers, communications channels and campaigning techniques but now it’s time to refocus on Parliament. In some ways the approach can be considered a little ‘old fashioned’. Instead of concentrating on advisers, high profile campaigns or the media, this approach is […]

What would a Labour government mean for political engagement?

While the possibilities and timing of a potential Labour government remain uncertain, attendance at their party conference shows that the chances are being taken seriously. But what would it really mean for public affairs? It was not too long ago that no-one was really taking the chance of a Labour government, especially one led by […]

Should you fight back against politicians?

Many organisations seem afraid or in awe of politicians and government and what they can do. It is right that they hold many of the trump cards but it can be right to reply, maybe even forcefully. When should that happen? Government needs to be seen as all powerful. Without this, it would risk being […]

Political vigilance is needed

The Government’s recent Queen’s Speech was widely criticised for its lack of content outside of Brexit. But just because the legislative agenda looks a little thin shouldn’t mean that anyone takes the potential impact of government any less seriously. Vigilance is needed. Government will continue to operate even if it tries to avoid difficult or […]

Public affairs and a minority government

With the dust settling on the General Election and with everyone starting to get used to the idea of the Conservatives operating as a minority government, it is time to think about how public affairs should operate. What is the impact on public affairs?Fundamentally, the whole environment is a lot more politicised. All decisions will […]