How parasocial relationships play a role in professional personal branding

The term ‘parasocial relationship’ popped up twice in quick succession in my daily media consumption, and my interest was piqued. First, I heard the term used in a conversation on a podcast I had been listening to, and then I read about parasocial relationships in this article by Keith Reynold Jennings. I may not have known what was […]

How to ensure your personal brand journey starts on the right footing

Building and sustaining a credible personal brand, one that lifts your profile and elevates your professional standing in the marketplace, doesn’t just happen by itself. It takes serious time and effort over and above your ‘day gig’, not to mention some savvy planning, a strong dose of persistence and, sometimes, a little luck. To think […]

Why Instagram is really hiding likes

Facebook’s fear of government-imposed regulation and reducing the threat of being broken up are drivers for why Instagram is really hiding likes. Instagram has caused a brouhaha by extending its tests on hiding likes. Mainstream media and trade press alike have piled in with conjecture pieces asking whether the move signals the end of influencer […]

What if Instagram hid follower numbers?

How would influencer marketing change if Instagram hid follower numbers? Would content quality improve? Would power switch from the creator to the platform? Would scenario analysis help firms anticipate change? Last month I reported on Instagram testing a new feature which shields audiences from the number of likes a post receives. I then gave five potential implications […]

The influencer marketing industry in 2019

By Adam Williams, CEO of Takumi, It was a rocky start to the new year for Instagram and the influencer marketing industry. In January, the release of two high profile documentaries around Fyre Festival, whose promoters had used influencer marketing to ‘catfish’ consumers, only for the event to spectacularly – and very publicly – fail. With […]

Marques Brownlee helps with Samsung Galaxy Fold crisis comms

Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee shows the value of influencers in helping companies through crisis communications with his Samsung Galaxy Fold video. Marquees Brownlee, the technology-focused YouTuber is helping Samsung through its crisis management surrounding its new Galaxy Fold. The American influencer with 8.3m followers has uploaded a video to YouTube addressing the broken screen issues suffered […]

Misleading online ads the tip of the iceberg

By Paul Owen, Account Director, KRPR   The decision to crackdown on websites that advertised misleading discounts on hotel rooms has been praised by a leading digital marketing agency, but they warn the scale of the issue is much larger. Experts at Fat Media say there are still major issues surrounding the use of backdoor online advertising […]

What to do when influencers go rogue

By Julia Ruane, Yet another social media influencer hit the headlines recently as it quickly became clear that their personal views clashed very badly with the values of the brands they worked with. In this case it was a popular make-up artist who had links with a number of major international beauty brands. Following her […]

Meet the Influencers: Choose who will appear at Influence Live 2!

After the huge success of January’s ‘Meet the Influencers’ session hosted by Vuelio, we are bringing real-life Influencers back for Influence Live in September. And this time, you get to choose who you’ll meet! Gain an increased understanding of the Influencer community and how it can assist your public relations work, as well as the […]