Reputation during a crisis

The current world crisis has brought the behaviour of companies into the spotlight. There are good and bad examples but the key lesson is that decisions made during the coronavirus outbreak will impact on an organisation’s reputation well beyond the end of it. There have been some good blogs written about the communications aspects of […]

One priority for us all

Business and the biggest brands are facing one of the toughest moments in modern life. This is uncharted and unprecedented territory despite all the planning and preparation we may have done. Companies and organisations are facing pressure like they have never seen. I think it is safe to say have never seen because of the […]

Wetherspoon says goodbye to ‘trolls and social media addiction’

Social media is hardly the silver bullet many argue it is and, according to JD Wetherspoon’s (JDW) CEO Tim Martin, “it’s becoming increasingly obvious that people spend too much time on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and struggle to control the compulsion”. As of yesterday, the 16th of April 2018, JDW has closed all its social media accounts, in […]

Will you follow Wetherspoon? Not any more – you can’t

British pub chain calls time on social media The pub chain, Wetherspoon, suddenly announced this morning that it was closing down all of its social media accounts. The company ceased all social media activity immediately citing bad publicity surrounding social media as its motive. During the day, the pub chain’s share price rose by almost […]