Reflections On The Party Conferences

By Stuart Thomson, Head of Public Affairs at BDB Pitmans With the Labour and Conservative Party conferences having ended, it is worth reflecting on what they now mean and the value they have in public affairs.  There is no doubt that the conferences have changed.  This year we were able to return to in-person conferences […]

EU Election Manifestos: Unread, but still important

As polling day in the European elections (23 May)  gets nearer, I am writing a series of articles about the messages and communications techniques involved.  Today I am focusing on that staple of elections – the party manifesto. Despite the, sometimes lengthy, arguments about phrasing and content, virtually no one actually reads manifestos. No one, […]

Selling Labour Government? The message from Conference

In the second in a mini-series, Paula Keaveney MCIPR, explores the importance of the Party Conference season in communicating with party members and the wider electorate. This week…the Labour Party Conference. The question I asked myself, as I visited Labour Party Conference with a group of students, is what does the party want to get […]

Jared O’Mara and what Labour needs to do next

Harold Wilson was wrong. It’s a day, not a week, which is a long time in politics. By Paula Keaveney, In a few days we have seen an MP’s past become a problem, an inquiry launched, a resignation, a suspension and any number of new stories and commentators emerge. In a few days an obscure […]

What would a Labour government mean for political engagement?

While the possibilities and timing of a potential Labour government remain uncertain, attendance at their party conference shows that the chances are being taken seriously. But what would it really mean for public affairs? It was not too long ago that no-one was really taking the chance of a Labour government, especially one led by […]

Inside the Corbyn campaign team – guest blog from Steve Howell

In his role as deputy director of strategy and comms for the Labour Party, Steve Howell played an important role in one of the most spectacular fightbacks in British political history. Ahead of speaking a CIPR Greater London Group’s #DrinknThink event, Steve gives us his view on how they turned things around. Theresa May just appointed […]

The Labour Party: Why bother engaging?

With a seemingly strong and united government in place behind Theresa May, the current battles in the Labour Party risk making it look irrelevant. Recent polls shows that Labour is losing support which makes a victory in the 2020 general election look a distant prospect. So why should anyone bother engaging with Labour? There seems […]

Getting the message across – a look at the General Election campaigns

With the Queen’s Speech read the dust has now started to settle from the shock result of the General Election, and the Labour Party is asking itself why its message did not attract enough ballot box ticks. While senior members jostle for position in the leadership race the party inevitably partakes in some navel-gazing about […]