The Government’s approach to foreign lobbyists suggests wider reform is needed

By Max Sugarman. Earlier this week, the Queen’s Speech saw a raft of legislation announced for the coming Parliamentary term, including proposals for a new National Security Bill. According to the Times, the new Bill could include “a foreign influence registration scheme, giving the Government the power to deport spies and lobbyists who fail to […]

Tobacco, climate change and spin

Cult novel Thank you for Smoking satirised the tobacco lobby. Here, author Christopher Buckley explains what his lead character would make of today’s world… My novel Thank You for Smoking was published a quarter of a century ago, which I suppose is a highfalutin way of saying 25 years ago, but then it is a […]

Campaigners mustn’t feel chilled by the Lobbying Act

The turmoil in British politics increases daily – and with it the possibility of a General Election within the next 12 months. Such an election would mean that any activity currently underway which could be seen as influencing the way people vote would be covered by the Lobbying Act and Electoral Commission’s regulations. Recent research from the Sheila […]

Public affairs and a minority government

With the dust settling on the General Election and with everyone starting to get used to the idea of the Conservatives operating as a minority government, it is time to think about how public affairs should operate. What is the impact on public affairs?Fundamentally, the whole environment is a lot more politicised. All decisions will […]

Sometimes you need to shout out loud in public affairs

Shouting at politicians through the media is not always a wise move. But as Apple and Virgin have both recently shown, sometimes it can be a very useful part of a public affairs strategy. Tim Cook of Apple and Sir Richard Branson of Virgin have both used the media to complain about the actions of […]

The Government CommsPlan – why everyone in public affairs should read it

The release of plans and programmes across government do not always make much impact. But it would be foolish to ignore the release of the 2016/17 Government Communications Plan.Writing in the foreword to the plan, Matthew Hancock, Minister for the Cabinet Office, says that: ‘powerful public communication helps explain and deliver our key priorities’ He […]