5 Tips for Building A Brand with Integrity

Can you imagine a world where a product actually worked as advertised?  How many times have you started using a new product, only to discover that the product isn’t up for the challenge?  I have purchased countless programs that promised big things and almost always left me saying, “Why doesn’t this work, this isn’t what […]

International Startups in the Hyper-connected 21st Century

Want to know the weirdest part about starting a company overseas? I didn’t live there! There’s an increasingly large segment of the population that is conducting its entire business online. A great website that’s interactive and fun? Check. A mailing address to a well respected office space in a major city? Check. A strong team […]

Investments in Digital Tech Rebounding

To many watching Wall Street, it may have seemed that investment in the technology companies bringing us our digital world were in freefall. After all, with the crazy multiples that entrepreneurs in the golden tech regions demand, it’s understandable that investors get skittish after an initial public offering (IPO); especially as Wall Street enters what […]

Reignite Your Marketing Communications for the Digital Era

Does your brand message stand out in the marketplace? Does your narrative convey bold ideas, new experiences and customer stories that engage and excite people to learn more about your company? Has your marketing team fully embraced the tools and techniques of content marketing? Or, are your efforts still being surpassed by more progressive competitors? […]

How to increase your website engagement

For customers, it can seem that every website they come across wants them to fill out a form or hand over information. Email addresses, dates of birth, phone numbers, these are all things they can be asked to deliver again and again and eventually, they become reluctant to do so. So how exactly can you […]

A campaign must have total certainty about its audience – do your research!

Zoe Clapp is the Director of Communications for UKTV, the company behind a number of TV channels including Dave, Watch and Gold. Earlier this year UKTV ran the highly successful ‘Chocobatch’ campaign which saw a life-sized Benedict Cumberbatch created out of chocolate. The campaign was a huge success – making the news in several countries […]