Ten Questions To Ask Yourself For 2018

Taking the opportunity of thinking ahead to what might happen in the coming year provides a useful opportunity to double check your public affairs strategy. In a period dominated by the discussions over Brexit, it is also critical for business planning. So what are the 10 big questions for 2018… Will there be a General Election? […]

It’s all about Parliament

For a long time public affairs has had to consider a range of stakeholders, advisers, influencers, communications channels and campaigning techniques but now it’s time to refocus on Parliament. In some ways the approach can be considered a little ‘old fashioned’. Instead of concentrating on advisers, high profile campaigns or the media, this approach is […]

The 5 Ps of political engagement

Effective political engagement and public affairs can be full of difficult and challenging decisions but if you remember these five Ps then you will not go far wrong. There are, of course, no shortcuts to good public advice but we can all use some pointers and guides to help our thinking. These 5 Ps also […]

The real impact of Brexit on Parliament

The role of Parliament in Brexit has been controversial. But what is more important than the Brexit Bill is what Parliament does next and how much engagement there is. Unless everyone pays attention it will be easy to miss out. The focus of attention so far has been on the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) […]

How to identify and exploit public affairs opportunities

Any good public affairs campaign should change over time to make the most of political and policy opportunities. That makes public affairs only as good as the opportunities that can be identified and then exploited. Here are some tips. In the first place, you have to be armed with information. You may sometimes feel that […]