The Power Of The Written Word – Why Thought Leadership Needs Books

Despite the death knell having been tolled, the ‘old fashioned’ hard copy book continues to play a valuable role in thought leadership. But sometimes the obsession with technology can mask the considerable opportunities. You only have to take a look around the daily commute to see that books still command people’s attention and sales figures […]

Talking the language of government

Engaging with government can be confusing. It is not always clear what Ministers want or how they intend to achieve it. So public affairs needs to help understand the language of government and unpick its true meaning. If we are lucky, government will set out a clear policy objective but much of the time they […]

What the reshuffle means (and does not mean) for public affairs

The Prime Minister’s efforts to refresh her team has met with a mixed reaction but aside from the day-to-day politics, what does it mean for public affairs? The reshuffle was initially focused on refreshing the Conservative Party itself and helping it recover from the perceived weaknesses of the General Election campaign. So CCHQ has been […]

Ten Questions To Ask Yourself For 2018

Taking the opportunity of thinking ahead to what might happen in the coming year provides a useful opportunity to double check your public affairs strategy. In a period dominated by the discussions over Brexit, it is also critical for business planning. So what are the 10 big questions for 2018… Will there be a General Election? […]

Managing expectations

Across public affairs, managing expectations can be difficult but also highly necessary. Sky-high or unrealistic expectations will only lead to disappointment. They should be managed from the outset. Too often when dealing with politics there is the belief that the issue only needs to be explained to them and then their position will change. But […]

It’s all about Parliament

For a long time public affairs has had to consider a range of stakeholders, advisers, influencers, communications channels and campaigning techniques but now it’s time to refocus on Parliament. In some ways the approach can be considered a little ‘old fashioned’. Instead of concentrating on advisers, high profile campaigns or the media, this approach is […]

What would a Labour government mean for political engagement?

While the possibilities and timing of a potential Labour government remain uncertain, attendance at their party conference shows that the chances are being taken seriously. But what would it really mean for public affairs? It was not too long ago that no-one was really taking the chance of a Labour government, especially one led by […]

Communicating in a politically charged environment

Many organisations have to deal with the reality of communicating in a politically charged environment day in, day out. But what does that mean for their communications and what steps should they take? In the first place, it is important to consider what a politically charged environment really is. It is more than dealing with […]

Should you fight back against politicians?

Many organisations seem afraid or in awe of politicians and government and what they can do. It is right that they hold many of the trump cards but it can be right to reply, maybe even forcefully. When should that happen? Government needs to be seen as all powerful. Without this, it would risk being […]

This is not the political silly season

With Parliament due to rise shortly for the Summer Recess, it is often thought that politics ‘goes quiet’ until early September. With a lack of real debate and issues to consider, the media has to find other, less important, things to talk about. This makes it the ‘Silly Season’. But this summer especially, is not […]