By Emma Yates, defamation, reputation management and IP specialist lawyer at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors. As PR professionals and communication experts, you will be fully aware of the huge value that a brand can have. Promoting it is of course crucial, but protecting it is arguably even more important and utilising the skills of a specialist […]

Government needs to look, listen and learn

By Mandy Pearse, FCIPR, Chart PR  It is high time that government looked, listened and learnt from the innovative PR practice in local government instead of telling Councils how to communicate with their citizens. Taking Hackney Council through the courts to stop it producing a fortnightly council newspaper is a clear example of dogma versus evidence. […]

Preparing for #Brexit

Jo-ann Robertson and I have been working on a project at Ketchum to help organisations get ready for Brexit. We’ve launched it today as the UK Government triggered the process. Are you ready for Brexit? Writing in PRWeek today Ketchum Deputy CEO Jo-ann Robertson urges communicators to ensure that their organisations are ready for Brexit. […]

PR driving the creative economy in the South West

Public Relations is playing an important part in developing the economy of Cornwall as the region becomes a hub for creative industries. Whether it’s artists taking up residence in St Ives or students studying at Falmouth School of Arts, now Falmouth University, the South West has a long history of creativity but this has not […]