The Role Of Public Affairs In Risk Management

The management of risk is fundamental to the success of any organisation, as well as being, for many, a legal requirement. But what role can public affairs play and how can it help manage risk? Fundamentally, a lot of risk is created by politicians and government. They are not the only ones who create risk, […]

Reflections On The Party Conferences

By Stuart Thomson, Head of Public Affairs at BDB Pitmans With the Labour and Conservative Party conferences having ended, it is worth reflecting on what they now mean and the value they have in public affairs.  There is no doubt that the conferences have changed.  This year we were able to return to in-person conferences […]

Building a bridge to Westminster

There may be different reasons for wanting to engage with Parliament, policy-makers and officials but outreach needs to be planned. If you want to build bridges into Westminster then follow these practical tips. There may some solid risk management reasons for engaging with Westminster, especially as various rulebooks face being ripped up post-Brexit. That is […]

Preparing CEOs for political engagement

Too often CEOs will talk a tough game but put them in front of politicians and they fail to deliver. In an era of Brexit, Trump and tariffs this needs to stop and public affairs can help. Speaking on the Today programme about the warning Airbus has issued about leaving the UK in the event […]

The Power Of The Written Word – Why Thought Leadership Needs Books

Despite the death knell having been tolled, the ‘old fashioned’ hard copy book continues to play a valuable role in thought leadership. But sometimes the obsession with technology can mask the considerable opportunities. You only have to take a look around the daily commute to see that books still command people’s attention and sales figures […]

Talking the language of government

Engaging with government can be confusing. It is not always clear what Ministers want or how they intend to achieve it. So public affairs needs to help understand the language of government and unpick its true meaning. If we are lucky, government will set out a clear policy objective but much of the time they […]

Don’t let a good crisis go to waste

There is no doubt that a crisis can bring reputational damage and clear costs to an organisation. But it can also bring benefits if the time can be taken to recognise them. The glare of the media and political spotlights often cause widespread panic. Sometimes this is well placed and organisations can do little more […]

Distance, communications and public affairs

Despite the best efforts of devolution, Westminster remains the powerhouse of politics and the media. Those further away from London can often struggle to get their voices heard. But there is a reason and that is explained by the Allen Curve. The Allen Curve was discovered by Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Professor Thomas J. […]

Why 2018 Will Be The Year Of Government Intervention

Business engagement across politics will become more challenging during 2018. While governments know they need the private sector to grow and thrive, they are also under pressure to show their electorates that they are in control. And business behaviour hasn’t helped… Everything from non-disclosed data leaks, through to poor personal behaviour and deliberate product slow-downs […]