PR professionals 25% more likely to suffer from poor mental health compared to other UK workers

PR practitioners are significantly more likely to suffer from poor mental health compared to other UK workers, according to new research carried out by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA). I’m not surprised by this research, particularly given its timing in light of the pandemic. We […]

It’s nothing personal: Why you need to turn off personalised search

Stone Junction’s marketing executive, Tasha Bodger, explains why getting personal with Google can be bad for business. Most of us would rather Google didn’t check our online search history; but for a media-savvy business owner or anyone downloading bootleg footage of the new Lion King, it can be more than just an inconvenience. Personalised searches enable […]

How brands can navigate China’s livestreaming market

By Carol Chan, MD, Comms8 An astounding 98% of people in China experience the internet through their mobile phone, which instantly makes over 800 million users a formidable cohort for marketers to tap into. When combined with the steady growth of the Chinese middle-class it is clear to see the business opportunities waiting for the […]


By Emma Yates, defamation, reputation management and IP specialist lawyer at Irwin Mitchell Solicitors. As PR professionals and communication experts, you will be fully aware of the huge value that a brand can have. Promoting it is of course crucial, but protecting it is arguably even more important and utilising the skills of a specialist […]

Government needs to look, listen and learn

By Mandy Pearse, FCIPR, Chart PR  It is high time that government looked, listened and learnt from the innovative PR practice in local government instead of telling Councils how to communicate with their citizens. Taking Hackney Council through the courts to stop it producing a fortnightly council newspaper is a clear example of dogma versus evidence. […]

Is it time for a debate about how the PR sector deals with Ethics?

Why isn’t the PR industry able to get a grip on and deal with ethical breaches? Don’t fall asleep. Please don’t. What I’m going to say matters to our industry and profession. Over the past week there have been a number of big reads about ethical issues. First there was Fleishman and accusations of astroturfing […]

What can the comms industry learn from the most romantic time of the year?

By Niki Wheeler, Director, Launch The windows of nearby Regent Street are bursting with hearts and flowers. E-alerts are flooding in-boxes with deals on branded fizz, perfume, lingerie and sparkle. Social feeds are also positively rose-tinted as influencers and mere mortals capture insta-friendly shop fronts and interiors. Yet, with a ‘calamitous start to the year for […]

Master the tools of media training to become an effective all-round communicator

By Robert Taylor, The skills needed to do a first-rate media interview are the same skills for communicating well generally. One of the most common mistakes people make when they start doing media interviews is to think that it’s simply a matter of giving good, thorough answers.  But that merely helps the journalist gets what […]

Clash of the streaming titans

By Sam Munton, Netflix- the streaming giant has long been untouchable and on its own in the streaming market, with its main competitors unable to get close in terms of numbers and dominance of the market. The company recently announced that its year end subscribers total 139 million, and estimates it now has 10% of all […]