Three ways to re-purpose your content and grow your public sector LinkedIn page

Connor McLoughlin, Wokingham Borough Council. LinkedIn? Shouldn’t we give control to HR? That’s where people go to find a new job right?’  Sure, it can be used for recruitment, it’s where people go to talk about work after all. But LinkedIn is a legitimate news feed. And it’s one where we can adjust our messages to […]

Is it time to leave public sector communication?

Image provided by Aaron Thomas via Unsplash This is a difficult question to ask but is it time for people to consider moving out of the public sector into something else? I spent most of my career working in the public sector. It was where I felt I could contribute the most and hopefully make […]

Leadership, common ground and citizen focus – a new guide for public sector comms in Northern Ireland

Public sector communications is challenging. In Northern Ireland, it is no less so. It’s also changing. By Ann Williamson, Last year, a group of professionals came together to set up the Northern Ireland Public Sector Communications Forum (NIPSCF). We have been supported in this journey by the Cabinet Office and Government Communications Services. We wanted to […]