The Government’s approach to foreign lobbyists suggests wider reform is needed

By Max Sugarman. Earlier this week, the Queen’s Speech saw a raft of legislation announced for the coming Parliamentary term, including proposals for a new National Security Bill. According to the Times, the new Bill could include “a foreign influence registration scheme, giving the Government the power to deport spies and lobbyists who fail to […]

Political vigilance is needed

The Government’s recent Queen’s Speech was widely criticised for its lack of content outside of Brexit. But just because the legislative agenda looks a little thin shouldn’t mean that anyone takes the potential impact of government any less seriously. Vigilance is needed. Government will continue to operate even if it tries to avoid difficult or […]

Get your skates on, Prime Minister

The dust has barely settled upon the election, but the new Government’s legislative plans show that it is already running out of time. By Leon Cook Skating on thin ice Stalwart Labour MP and long-serving maverick Dennis Skinner’s traditional jibe at the pomp and circumstance of the State Opening of Parliament is the stuff of […]