A tarnished reputation: Why the Oscars are no longer golden

By Andrew Marsden The handling of Will Smith’s outburst by The Academy, is a lesson for all organisations in brand value and living by brand values. Recently, we were treated to an unusually dramatic set of events at The Oscars, and it’s something I have been pondering long after the rest of the world has […]

The Role Of Public Affairs In Risk Management

The management of risk is fundamental to the success of any organisation, as well as being, for many, a legal requirement. But what role can public affairs play and how can it help manage risk? Fundamentally, a lot of risk is created by politicians and government. They are not the only ones who create risk, […]

Does reputation really matter when you have power?

The risks that are likely to generate the most damage to an organisation’s reputation are those directly related to its checks and balances, and to the way it does business. For instance, a bank that had been saved from the brink of collapse with taxpayers’ money, can hardly afford to pay its CEO a hefty […]

Reputation lends the ‘Wow’ to WeWork

By Tessa Curtis, Principal, Tessa Curtis Associates, Boards often need a push to invest in a more strategic approach to corporate communications. Those still waiting to jump might ask which business they’d prefer to lead – WeWork or Regus, the latter now part of International Workplace Group (IWG). Less than 10 years old, WeWork has just raised […]

Oxfam: Crisis comms can only buy time – not a second chance

Is reputation management the most important thing in crisis communication or is it fixing the underlying issues? This was a question I was asked by someone I respect a lot, a former journalist, and I thought it deserved further exploration – something that we can all think about and try to answer. The view about […]

Ten useful books on online reputation

Online reputation is a diffuse and slippery concept that means many things to many people. Type the phrase ‘online reputation’  into Google and 19,600,000 results are returned. Amazon lists over 950 books with the phrase in the title. Most books on the topic are written from a marketing perspective and set out how (mostly smaller) companies […]

The Reputation Game: The Power of Influencing How Others See You

Live Webinar and Q&A | Thursday 12th October | 1pm BST | Register Now By Signal Media Corporate change provides an opportunity for reputation engagement. Perceptions can be influenced through well thought out engagement strategies that connect the organisation, its leadership and its purpose with the different constituencies that surround it. In this 30 minute […]

Can you trust reputation measurement tools?

Today, we seem to love Reputation trackers and any other similar reporting tools – some are strictly related to reputation, others to trust in brands, others to influencer or blogger rankings etc. The first question you need to ask – before you start celebrating or commiserating, depending where you or organisation is on that tracker […]

Why Mo Farah’s advisors are risking his long-term reputation

Even before he competes in the 10,000m final the Athletics World Championships tonight, Mo Farah is falling behind. By Gavin Megaw One of Britain’s greatest ever athletes, Mo is what we all want Britain to represent; committed, multi-cultural and a lot of fun. Yet the man who made the nation stand up and scream in […]