The Role Of Public Affairs In Risk Management

The management of risk is fundamental to the success of any organisation, as well as being, for many, a legal requirement. But what role can public affairs play and how can it help manage risk? Fundamentally, a lot of risk is created by politicians and government. They are not the only ones who create risk, […]

Why is political risk on the rise?

2016 was full of political surprises, some more welcome than others. But more than merely being surprises, for many organisations the outcomes represented risk. Risk always needs to be managed to avoid devastating consequences. The role that public affairs plays in the risk management process should be substantial. It should help to identify potential risks […]

Politicians will intervene – just learn to know when

Politicians have a habit of making negative comments about organisations or making policy changes that impact on them. These interventions inflict reputational and operational damage. But if you understand what causes politicians to intervene then you can avoid both of these outcomes. Politicians are elected. This fundamental truth can often be lost by some when […]