How to ensure your personal brand journey starts on the right footing

Building and sustaining a credible personal brand, one that lifts your profile and elevates your professional standing in the marketplace, doesn’t just happen by itself. It takes serious time and effort over and above your ‘day gig’, not to mention some savvy planning, a strong dose of persistence and, sometimes, a little luck. To think […]

Is this the end of influencer marketing?

Written by DA Creative Studios. Yves Saint Laurent’s latest collection appears on the runway, modelled by digital doubles of some of the most influential, as well as avatars that don’t really appear human at all. The biggest names in fashion journalism feature front row and central as avatars. They compete to be the first to […]

Why PR Needs More Than Sentiment Analysis on Social Media

Anthony Cousins, CEO of Factmata The use of social media has grown exponentially over the years. In 2020, Statista reported almost half (49%) of the world uses social media. Other figures show TikTok alone gains eight new users every second. The number of people using social media in their everyday lives is what makes it […]

Three men on a wall help young Londoners find work!

As we know, influencer marketing is taking over, with more and more of our clients asking for influencer-led campaigns. That said, we feel there’s still a lot of miseducation surrounding the use of influencers, both in selection and execution. In a recent campaign, we found that by working more closely with the client, we were […]

Don’t be a Target: Protecting your social media brand

Social media is everywhere. Whether it’s sharing our favorite photos on Instagram, or updating our family with a timely Facebook post, more that 60% of US adults engage with social media at least once a week. For a small business or organization, failing to lock down the rights to the name for your social groups […]

How marketeers can combat fake news in a post-truth world

Making headlines with fake news By Annie Brafield After the word ‘post-truth’ was chosen as Oxford Dictionaries’ word of the year for 2016, it comes as no surprise that the subject of fake news continues to make headlines. Articles are frequently being questioned for their validity, satirical news sites are causing both laughter and confusion and Channel 4 […]

Strikes in an age of social media

The strike on Southern Rail is the longest rail strike for decades and in contrast to strikes of the past is taking place in the era of social media. But what lessons could the Rail Maritime and Transport Union (RMT) learn from the Junior Doctor strike which utilised social media to good effect? Here are […]

Social Media in Financial Services – latest c-suite podcast

+Please subscribe, rate & review the c-suite podcast series on iTunes to help us up the charts+ It felt a bit like the X Factor this month given how many journey references my guests made, but these were stories I was really interested in hearing about as we discussed the development and impact of social and […]

Influence with CEO is key – Social Media and Crisis Comms

The timely subject for the latest podcast was the role of social media in handling crisis comms. Following the Thomas Cook tragedy, the scandal surrounding FIFA and the awful scenes at Alton Towers which resulted in a 17 year old girl losing her leg, the role of how organisations handle sensitive situations has been under […]