Getting Stakeholder Meetings Right

It is a basic requirement but one that is very easy to get wrong. What are the steps you should take for preparing and conducting a useful public affairs meeting? A successful starting point must be well before any meeting is even arranged. You need to know that you are speaking to the right person […]

Don’t Let The Communications Run Wild

Too often in a bid to save reputations, communications become the absolute focus. If the media statement kills the issue, then it will have been successful. But, as the issues with Chelsea Football Club showed, such an approach inflicts more damage. I won’t revisit the detail of the proposed approach announced by Roman Abramovich as […]

Five ways to turn stakeholders into cheerleaders

By Jo Field, Brexit is a critical issue for PR professionals. It will dominate politics, government, and the media for the foreseeable future. And it opens up both opportunities and challenges for the organisations we represent. Against this backdrop of change, demands from customers and service users are also shifting. Organisations are asking themselves how […]