ISIS and social media: Bad Influencers

From glorified lifestyle posts to in-house crisis comms teams, ISIS has run its social media strategy like the slickest of corporate multinationals. By Elliot Wilson, When the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) first exploded onto the world stage, it took the West utterly by surprise. Terror movements come in all shapes and […]

Tech giants: why with great power should come content responsibility

Why tech giants should shoulder more responsibility for the content they profit from. And regulators should consider reclassifying them from platform to publisher. In the background, playing on the radio the Spice Girls sing Wannabe. Spitting Image is on the telly. And, at the cinema, Jerry Maguire is the name of the new Tom Cruise […]

Ambassador you are really tweeting us

All of human nature is on social media, from acts of great compassion and kindness to the most unpleasant of abuse.  It is the abuse which gets more attention than the kindness with one theory being that we say things online that we would not say to people face to face. It seems an odd […]

Twitter outrage – knowing your audience

Has Twitter made us too sensitive, do you think? I remember once reading a serious thinker saying people should leave Twitter before the ranting and raving of the whole wide world made us ’hard’. There can be so much outrage about it can certainly make your newsfeed a tiring place – but does this put […]

No such thing as an organic campaign – take-homes from the Social Media World Forum

There’s no such thing as an organic only campaign – the question is the ratio between paid-for and organic growth. A one-to-one ratio and you’re doing well. That was the message Amex’s Simon Veaney gave to the Social Media World Forum this week. Veaney’s talk was entitled Paid Amplification vs Organic Growth and started with […]

Social Media & Storytelling, a CIPR Hack Day

Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then we can begin.  Storytelling was the theme for this week’s CIPR’s Social Media Panel Hack Day. The group met to discuss the relative merits of telling a tale as part of a social media PR strategy. Unlike a conventional panel discussion however, the group opened up the floor to […]